Thursday, Jan. 30, 1862 Beaufort, S.C.

Dear parents,

         I am now away down here in Dixy-land.  The loveliest place in the world except home.  I am enjoying excellent health and having a gay time in general.  If I do not write as often as  you wish you must not think it is my fault for I will write as often as I possibly can.  We left New  York on the 23rd and went on board the Matensas.  The voyage lasted 4 days.  During the time we had a violent storm which lasted about 30 hours and the Captain and crew as well as us thought we would be wrecked, but after the storm passed the sea became calm and the vessel glided on  smoother than ever for which we felt very thankful.  We arrived at Hilton Head on Monday evening, stayed there overnight and the next morning started up the river for Beaufort which is 15 miles from Hilton Head.  When we got there we were met by some of the boys of our company who were very glad to see us, we then went up to the camp and John Koontz gave us our suppers which consisted of good bread meat and coffee.   We was then divided into different messes.  I wrapped my blanked about me and slept soundly till morning.  We then arose at the tap of the drum, we got our rations and then we went to the Captains quarters and got our guns and spent about 1/2 day cleaning them.  We then walked about the camp grounds.  This is a very beautiful country, the trees are all in full bloom and the gardens are full of flowers.  When we awake in the morning we hear the songs of many little birds which are perched in the green trees over our heads.  An now I must stop or I will not be ready to go on dress parade.  You must write soon for I would like to hear from you.  Give my love to each of the children and all inquireing friends.  tell sister Mary I want her to write me a letter.  Tell the folks on the hill I will write to them as soon as I can.  I do not want you to fret about me for I am getting along finely.  Direct your letters to Alexander Adams, company A, roundhead reg. PA vols. Beaufort South Carolina.  Form your most affectionate son.