Camp near Fredericksburg Va.

Feb. 1, 1863

Dear Mother,

            As I have nothing else to do this afternoon I thought I would improve the opportunity and write you a few lines. I wrote to you yesterday but as that was a very small one I suppose this will be none the less acceptable. We are still lying here in front of Fredricksburg doing nothing except a little picketing. There is no prospect of a move here now. It is now the 1st of Feb. We will soon have half our time in but I hope the remainder will not see so many hardships as the first. I have just heard that the Pennsylvania reserves were going to Washington City and I am glad to hear it for they have seen so much hardship. I think they ought to be let rest awhile. I expect that spring will soon open up and then we will ahve to go it again we have 18 months to serve yet and I think I can stand it if some reb donít burn me with a ball and I suppose Iíll have to risk that. The members of our company are all in good health but I wonít say anything about spirits. We have about 40 men now out of 117. I think if they diminish as much in the next year when our time is out there will not be any left to go home. I would like very much to be home now. I did not expect to be away this long. I expect things have changed considerable since I left. I expect the rest of the children have grown as much as what I have. When you write tell me what all the boys are doing around there now, John Michel, Joe Atchison, John Ryson and Walker McFarland. Is McElrees boys all at home yet? Write a good long letter and tell me all about things in general. What is pap doing now? Have you sold yet or what. Is the prospect good? But I must close, give my love to all the family and my best respects to all inquiring friends. Write soon.

Alex Adams