Sunday, March 9, 1862 Beaufort, S.C.

Dear father

         As we are free from duty today I will take this opportunity and answer your most kind and welcome letter to let  you know that I am well.  I received your letter last Thursday and also one from Aunt Mary and you may be sure I was very glad to get them.  You don't know how much pleasure it gives me to hear from  home and to know that all is well.  We are going to leave here tomorrow morning for the Ferry which is 10 miles from  here, we will be there 2 weeks.  There is some secesh on the other side of the river from there and we are going there to watch them but I do not think they will show themselves and if they do they will meet with a warm reception, last Wednesday we had a grand review we were reviewed by General Sherman and he said ours was the finest regiment in his division and General Stevens says Co. A is the best in the regiment.  We have met with quite an affliction by the death of one of our company.  His name was Peter Blumburgh he died very suddenly with the disease of the heart.  He was  a fine young man aged about 21 years and will long be remembered by all who know him.  The company is all in very good health.  You should see the boys here in the evening after performing the duties of the day they generally have a large fire built and the whole gang gathers around it and sing and dance and spin yarns till tatoo beats and then we all go to our tents and wrap our blankets about us and lie down on the soft side of a board and sleep soundly till morning.  There is 4 in our mess, Thomas Hutchison, Wm. Claffey and John Atcheson, and they are very agreeable messmates.  Now mother wanted to know why I do not send my likeness I am very sorry I cannot do it but there is no such thing to be had here for there is not a picture taker in the place.  We have not been paid off yet but we are expecting to pretty soon.  I have 26 dollars comming to me and when we get it I will send the most of it home to you.  I wish you would send me the newspaper and I will be very much obliged to you and now I must come to a close an be getting ready to march tomorrow morning.  Direct your letters to the same place  you have been and they will be sent to us and when I get there I will write to you again.  tell sally and Tommy I will soon come home to them.  Tell sis and the rest of the boys I want them to study hard and when they are grown up they will not regret it.  My love to each and all of you including the folks on mount dificulty.  Tell aunt Mary I received her letter and I am very thankful to her for it and I will answer it as soon as I get time.  Tell Haman I have not got his letter yet but am expecting it.  From your affectionate son Alex Adams.  Write soon and often.  Excuse bad writing as I know you would if you knew the inconvencies of camp life.  I hope this letter will find you all in good health.