May 31, 1862 Beaufort S.C.

Dear parents,

         I received your kind letter yesterday and I was very glad to hear from you.  There is nothing does me so much good as to hear from home and to hear you are all well.  I would give all the world if I had it to see all of you but I suppose we must all wait till the war is over and if God spares us I hope we shall all meet again.  I was very sorry to hear that grandmother and Aunt Mary was so low.  I got a letter from Aunt Mary about a week ago.  I have not had time to answer it for we have been very busy for the last three or four days.  Last Tuesday we received marching orders and at once commenced packing our grips and the next morning we started on a double quick for the Ferry and when we got there the 50th and 8th Mich. reg. were all ready and they crossed over on the main land while our regiment was held back as the reserve.  The regiments that crossed drove in the rebble pickets and then marched on  toward the railroad.  Their intention was to destroy the railroad and burn the bridge so the rebbles could not retreat that way when they were attacked at Charlston but before they reached it the rebbles were reinforced to the amount of about five thousand and our forces had to fall back.  They took three prisoners and 15 or so horses and mules.  One of the Captains of the 50th was killed and 4 privates and they had to come back without accomplishing their purpose and we started back to Beaufort about eleven o'clock at night and got there about one and slept till morning and about daylight the long roll beat and our company and four others were ordered back to the Ferry.  General Stevens got word from there that the rebs was shelling our pickets but before we got there they retreated and we had to turn right around and march back to Beaufort.  We've got marching orders again and so they are fetching transports up here.  We suppose we are going to help in the attack on Charlston.  I am well and in fine spirits but very tired and you must forgive this poor letter and bad writing.  I suppose you are very busy making garden and one thing and another.  I would like to be there now to go to Chambers dam with Dave and Jim.  Tell sis the  next letter I write will be to her and now I must close this scribbling.  Give my love to all the family and all inquiring friends.  Good bye. 

From your affectionate son Alex Adams