September 25, 1862

Camp near Sharpsburg

Dear Mother,

             I received your two letters yesterday and have just seated myself to answer it.  I am well and hope this will find you all enjoying the same blessing.  We are now encamped near Sharpsburgh and about a mile from the Potomiak Rier.  The Rebbles are on the other side of the river.  We stand picket on this side and them on the other.  We occasionally exchange shots at each other when-ever a fellow sticks his head out of his hiding place, bang goes an old musket and whiz comes a ball and the best shot knocks the (percimon).  We have drove the rebbles back into Virginia and I do not think they will venture back into Maryland again.  We have had two very hard battles since we left Washington City and we were in both of them.  The first one was at South Mountain.  We were under General Reno who was shot during the fight.  It was a very hard fight and although the enemy outnumbered us we whipped them and routed them in every direction.  Our regiment got great praise for the way they acted.  We lost two killed out of our company and five wounded.  The rebble loss was estimated at 15,000 and ours at 2,000.  We had another fight on Wednesday near Sharpsburg and whipped them again.  I do  not know what either loss was but the rebbles was far greater than ours.  We only had one wounded in our company.  We have now lost five killed and 10 wounded out of our company since we left South Carolina.  We have just hear that General Seigel had a fight a Centersville and whipped the rebbles badly.  Things look a great deal brighter now.  The rebbles have lost a great deal by coming to Maryland.  I suppose they have great times there now about the draft.  I would like to see some of them about the time a shell would light in among them but I do not think they need be scared for I think the rebbles will be all whipped before they get out.  I think the war looks more like being over now than ever.  It think if I am spared I will be home this winter to help eat some of them peaches.  I am glad you did not send the shirts for I would hardly have got them.  Wait till we get into camp someplace and I will tell you when to send them.  I can get along just now.  I have a check shirt I drawed some clothes since I lost them but we are going to leave again and I must close this letter or I will be behind.  Give my love to all.  Goodbye     Alex Adams.