9th Army Corps Page

The symbol or badge of the 9th Corps is appropriate (crossed anchor and cannon entwined in rope), given their propensity toward travel by boat.  The 9th Corps was formed on July 22, 1862 commanded by Ambrose E. Burnside.  Burnside's three divisions were initially commanded by Gen. Isaac Stevens, Gen. Jesse Reno; and Gen. John G. Parke.  Of the original Division commanders, only Parke survived the war.  Stevens was killed at Chantilly and Reno at South Mountain.

Capsule Summary of the 9th Army Corps

Command Structure of the 9th Corps at the end of the Civil War down to Regimental Level.

A few Flags of the 9th Army Corps (as they relate to the Roundheads in the 1st Division-from Civil War Battle Flags of the Union Army and Order Of Battle, 1997, Knickerbocker Press)

Artillery Brigade Flag

Headquarters Flag

Chief Quartermaster Flag

1st Div., 1st Brigade Flag

1st Division Flag

1st Div., 2nd Brigade Flag

1st Div. 3rd Brigade Flag

The Roundheads fought primarily under the 1st Division, 3rd Brigade Flag to the Left.

1st Div. 4th Brigade





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