Frank Grant Letter and Artifacts



Discovered by Tammy McConahy

Below are images of a June 22, 1862 letter, envelope, the transcribed letter, Western Union telegram and CDV of Sgt. Frank Grant, Co. D from Beaver County.  Bates Roster lists Sgt. Grant as Corporal William F. Grant, undoubtedly the "F" stands for Frank.  The letter, photograph and later telegram to his father reporting his death is important in that this soldier is not accounted for on the muster out roll in Bates Roster and died from wounds suffered likely at 2nd Battle of Bull Run or Chantilly in late August or early September, 1862. 

--The Websmith, David L. Welch


Soldier autograph/regiment information on outside of letter.

Envelope front addressed to Thomas Grant , Box No. 122, New Brighton, Beaver County, PA

Letter to Sgt. Grant's father Thomas reporting recent Battle of Secessionville in South Carolina. 
Letter is dated  June 22, 1862

Transcribed Letter to his father Thomas reporting on action at Battle of Secessionville, SC. June 22, 1862

CDV of Frank Grant with Telegraph to his father Thomas reporting his death on the Battlefield.  Date of telegram is September 8, 1862, so death is likely at 2nd Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) or Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill).

According to the telegram, Sgt. Grant was buried on the field of battle by the chaplain, likely Reverend Robert Audley Browne.


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