The Civil War Diary of Henderson George
Diary 1864


  JANUARY - APRIL 1864  

From December 29th., the date of our re-enlistment, until April 22nd., 1864, no daily record was kept. Briefly we march from Blains Cross Roads, Tenn., and in five or six days arrive at Crab Orchard Ky. Here we rest for a few days while the men are being fitted out with clothing and shoes. From Crab Orchard we march to Nicholasville Ky., and there take cars (box cars) to Cincinnati Ohio, and from there to Pittsburg Pa. At Pittsburg we leave our arms and equipments, and on the 8th., of February separate for our respective homes, where most of us visit for the first time since our enlistment in the army, of almost two years and six months. Our homes are scattered through Lawrence, Butler, and Mercer Counties. We shall greatly enjoy a well earned veteran furlough of thirty days.

At the end of our furlough of thirty days March 8th., we report for duty at Camp Copeland, Pittsburg. We remain in camp here until April 20th. on which date orders are received to report at Annapolis Maryland.

Up to the first of January (1864) brief notes have been transcribed from diary. at this time it was thought to omit daily notes, and in place write a brief narrative covering this year and the five months of 1865. But this thought it has seemed to me would be unsatisfactory; therefore it has been concluded to continue brief notes from diary. These notes are not intended to be considered in the light of military history, but a sketch of the inconspicuous part played by the writer in the great civil war drama.

  APRIL 1864  
Friday April 22nd.
Roundheads arrive at Annapolis Md., and go into camp. Orders received to be ready to march next day. Lieut. Justice appointed acting Commissary of Subsistance first Division ninth Army Corps. At the same time I was detailed in the A.C.S. Department as clerk and orderly. In the evening was in Annapolis on business for the A.C.S.
Saturday April 23d.
Troops break camp and march in the direction of Washington D.C. Was at Annapolis early this morning on business for the acting Commissary. Later come up with troops; encamp about six P.M. Days march about sixteen miles.
Sabbath April 24th.
Troops march at seven A.M. Remained with wagon train, delay on account of an accident, until two o'clock next morning; raining; little sleep.
Monday April 25th.
Troops march at nine A.M. Arrive in Washington at 12, M. At one P.M. pass in review before the President, Mr. Lincoln and his cabinet, and other high officials. Cross the long bridge and encamp near Alexandria Va.
Tuesday April 26th.
Was in Alexandria twice during the day on business for the A.C.S. Drew rations and issued to the Brigades; after midnight before I got through. Very tired and sleepy.
Wednesday April 27th.
Troops march at nine o'clock A.M. and encamp at Fairfax C.H. Days march sixteen miles.
Thursday April 28th.
Troops march from Fairfax C.H. at seven A.M. Our march to-day was over some of the old battle fields, Chantilly, Centerville, first and second Bull Run, Manassas Junction. Encamp in the evening near Bristows Station on the O.& M., R.R. To-days march 15 miles.
Friday April 29th.
Troops march at seven A.M. Pass near Warrenton Junction and Catlets Station and bivouac near Bealton. Issued to the first Brigade. Am somewhat indisposed this P.M.
Saturday April 30th.
Weather cloudy, raining. Remain to-day at Bealton Station. Issued rations to first Brigade. First Division of the ninth Corps is distributed along the R.R. Orders tonight to have on hand ten days rations -- three days cooked and in haversacks -- and three days cooked and in knapsacks. We are now a part of the great army of the Potomac which has lain here. A great movement of the army seems about to take place.