The Civil War Diary of Henderson George
Diary 1864


  JULY 1864  
Friday July 1st.
Weather clear and very warm. An artillery fight began last night, suddenly, about ten o'clock, which was kept up for more than two hours. All the artillery along the lines of both armies seemed to be in action. It was estimated that more than a thousand guns of all calibers, both sides included, were belching forth fire and destruction. It seemed as though both sides would be annihilated. The tremendous roar of the guns, the shrieking, screaming, and bursting shells as they flew back and forth over our heads, was an exhibition awe inspiring, and indeed fearful beyond the power of words to express. The results, however, were of little consequence; nothing appeared to be gained on either side; and so far as I know few casualties were reported, but the spectacle was grand and exciting and not to be forgotten. Dick Holmes was up from City Point this evening.
Saturday July 2nd.
Nothing unusual occurred on our lines to-day. Was engaged in making out muster and pay rolls for our Co. G.
Sabbath July 3d.
Weather clear and warm. Nothing of importance transpiring on our lines. Still working on pay rolls. Dr. Taylor was down from the front on a visit to City Point and remained until after-noon.
Monday July 4th.
All quiet on our lines except constant picket firing day and night. Our investment of Petersburg began about June 16th., and since that date has been under seige. How long will it continue? On June 7th., Lieut. Justice was relieved from the official position of A.C.S. 1st. Division 9th. Army Corps by Captain Englund who was the regular C.S. Lieut. Justice was the A.C.S. during the absence of Captain Englund. This change it was supposed at the time would automatically remove me, and an order was expected by me to join my company. In the mean time Lieut. Justice was appointed C.S. of the field hospital, and I was detailed with him as assistant clerk and orderly. This is my present position.
Saturday July 30th.
Have made no notes in my diary since July 4th. On this date (July 30th.) occurred what we called the Mine Explosion. Our troops had undermined a rebel fort that to-day was blown up; this fort was in front of the lines of the 9th. Army Corps. after the explosion of the mine a heavy fight took place in an effort to break through the rebel lines, but the effort was unsuccessful. The Roundheads lost twenty two men. The whole 9th. Corps was engaged and the agregate loss was heavy. Our troops were repulsed. It is said with reference to the Mine Explosion that plans were not properly carried out. It ws a disasterous failure.