The Civil War Diary of Henderson George
North Liberty Pittsburg Zanesville Wheeling Phillippi Beverly Harrisburg Antietam Fredericksburg

Map published by J. H. Colton, New York, 1862. From the Library of
Congress: American Memory Collection of Civil War Maps.



North Liberty, Pennsylvania
"Henderson George... was born June 16th, 1838, on the farm of his father adjoining the village of North Liberty, Liberty Township, Mercer Co., Pa. Here I lived until I was nineteen years of age going to school and helping with the ordinary work on the farm."

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
"On the 9th day of September 1857, I took leave of home with the intention of making my own way through the world. I had made up my mind to go to the city of Pittsburg, about fifty five miles away, somewhat in a spirit of adventure, without any definite plans as to what I would do when I arrived there."

Zanesville, Ohio
"In 1859... I was sent to Zanesville Ohio, practically in charge of a stock of dry goods which the firm had sold to a young man who was starting a dry goods store in that city.... The whole transaction was a deliberate and palpable fraud, which I did not realize until after my arrival in Zanesville."

Wheeling, Virginia
"At the first call for troops (three months men) I joined a military company, and with the company, in a few days, was sent to Wheeling Va. West Virginia had not yet seperated from Virginia and was not organized as the State of West Virginia, until some months later."

Phillippi, Virginia
"The battle of Phillippi scarcely rose to the dignity of a skirmish when compared with later events; but as it was the first field action of the war, it had an important bearing and influence on the public mind and strengthened the Union sentiment in West Virginia."

Beverly, Virginia
"While we lay at Beverly our three months term of enlistment expired. From this point we returned to Wheeling Va., and were discharged August 27th, 1861; having served three months and twelve days. The return of the Regiment to Wheeling was signalized by great public demonstration and banquet... in honor of our short and victorious career."

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
"In a few days we came together and started for the front; and on the 12th of September 1862, at Harrisburg Pa., were mustered into the military service of the United States, and assigned as recruits to the 100th P.V. (Roundhead Regiment)."

Antietam Creek, Maryland
"After the defeat of General Pope in Virginia, the rebel army invaded Maryland, and the two battles, South Mountain, on September 14th, and Antietam, Sept. 17th, 1862, were fought, in which the Roundheads lost nine killed and thirty two wounded. Among the wounded was my good boyhood friend the late Colonel Hugh Morrison..."

Fredericksburg, Virginia
"After completing laying the Pontoons that day, when night came our army crossed the Rappahannock and next day (Dec. 13th, 1862) fought the disastrous battle of Fredericksburg.... Many hundreds of men laid down their lives in this battle while not a single point was gained. Our Division being held in reserve was not in the action."