Name (wartime image if available) Co. Age at Enlistment Complexion Height Eyes Hair Occupation Family From Link to Bio Migration Location (1890 Census or Other) Migration State Birth Location (location/state/date) Birth Date Death Date Death Location Death State Link to Obituary Link to Grave Photo Findagrave # Post-War Photo (s) Letters and Diaries Artifacts Links to other information Other Notes
Aberly, Charles A 19                       21-Jun-1920 Latrobe PA     not found         1865 Substitute
Abraham, Clark M 22                   Elizabeth, PA March 11, 1840 23-May-1930 Pittsburgh PA     not found         1861 recruit; buried in Elizabeth Cemetery; also service with US Signal Corps; commended for coolness under fire; pension info in ACWRD.
Ackworth, John H 20                       29-Jan-20 Nat. Military Home IN     not found         Per ACWRD, he applied for a pension on 3/23/1886
application # 567,056
Action, Thomas A 39                                 not found         1864 Recruit, no other information available.
Adams, William M 27                       25-Dec-1904 Bedford Co, New Paris PA   X 16584402         findagrave inscription data wrong--should be Co. M, not A--clearly visible in gravestone photo.
Addison, John M 25                       around 1896   KY     not found         prisoner of war 7-29-1864 in Petersburg, VA; paroled 2-23-1865; widow Elizabeth applied for pension in 1896 from state of KY
Aiken, Joseph M. A 21               Allegheny Co. PA     24-Feb-1927 Dayton OH     not found         Pension info in ACWRD listing.
Aikin, David S. C 18 dark 5'7" dark black farmer         Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA April 29, 1847 1-Aug-1901 Roseburg OR   X 3885505         No other information found.
Aikin, Erskine E. C 20         farmer     Lawrence Co. Perry Twp. PA   March 24, 1841 20-Sep-1916 Harmony PA     not found X       ACWRD lists burial in Mountville UP Cem, Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA
Aikin, James W C 28                   Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA Jan 9, 1836 5-Aug-1911 Leavenworth KS     not found         ACWRD lists death at Nat. Mil Home in Leavenworth.
Akin, Alexander W. C 21 light 6' 1" grey light farmer         Perry Twp, Lawrence Co. PA March 23, 1840 11-Jan-1915 Pullman WA     16049622         Buried in Greenwood Cem, New Castle; promoted to wagoner.
Akins, James A 19 fair 5' 7" blue light farmer         Canada   1907         not found         deserted June 11, 1865; substitute for George Hanna.
Albright, Thomas M 19               Lehjgh, Hanover Twp                 not found         Per ACWRD, substitute that mustered in 3-10-1865 and deserted 5-16-1865 
Albright, Wm. C. H 33                       5-Jun-00         not found         Per ACWRD, 1865 subsitute 2-28-1865, mustered out 7-24-1865
Alcorn, John W. G 24                     1836 June 11, 1866 Mercer Co., Sandy Lake PA     68357861       Findagrave info includes death certificate and record of burial Per ACWRD, discharged for disability, date not stated.
Alexander, John C 19 fair 5' 6" blue brown laborer         Penna.   June 4, 1864 Cold Harbor VA     not found       7 died from wounds rec June 2, 1864
Alexander, Wm. C. H 21                       Aug 3, 1863 Memphis TN     not found         death date and location from American Civil War Research Database
Alford, Silas W. F 26 sandy 5' 5" grey auburn shoe-maker Lawrence Co., Pa           March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA     not found       Escape from Rebel Prison Killed at Fort Stedman; also POW at Danville Prison 7-30-1864 to October 10, 1864--escaped; buried in UP Cemetery, Lawrence Co.; American Civil War Research Database info.
Allen, Henry H. F 19 light 5' 10" brown brown farmer Pine Grove Mills, Pa.           June 4, 1864 Arlington Nat Cem DC   X 40557766         Severe wound at Spottsylvania CH May 12, 1864; right leg amputated per American Civil War Research Database
Allen, James R. B 19 dark 5' 5" blue brown farmer Mercer, Pa.       Shenango Twp, Lawrence Co. PA July 26, 1844 February 21, 1895 Frankilin PA     not found         wounded in hand on June 30, 1864; returned from hospital on Oct 10, 1864--data from American Civil War Research Database.(ACWRD)
Allison, Joseph A. G 19                       Jan 6, 1862 Beaufort SC     Not found         death date and location from American Civil War Research database.
Allison, William M. F 23         farmer Princeton, Pa. X Lawrence Co. Slippery Rock PA Butler Co., PA May 5, 1832 8-Oct-1925 Veradale WA   X 67549649         buried in Pleasant Valley Cem, Lawrence Co. PA
Altherton, John S. M 34                       March 31, 1865 Petersburg VA   X 16061405         Poplar Grove Nat Cem. Div A Sect C Grave 179
Altman, Absalom M 37           Westmoreland Co PA         Oct 7, 1831? Jan 6, 1893? Dayton OH     52871830       May have lived in Phillipsburg, Kansas based on Findagrave info. Per ACWRD died in Soldier's Home, Dayton, OH; based on unusual name and findagrave info showing birth in Westmoreland Co. where Co. M mustered in, I suspect the findagrave info is correct.  
Alton, Samuel M 27               Allegeheny Co., Elizabeth   England   11-Apr-1923 W. Elizabeth PA     not found         survived sinking of Steamer West Point. (ACWRD states died at Dayton, OH)
Ammon, Isaac M 42                       Oct 15, 1862 Baltimore MD   X 71279402         buried in Loudon Nat. Cem.; died of dysentery
Anderson, David B 21         student Philadelphia, Pa.   Bart, Lancaaster Co  PA West Austintown, OH May 6, 1846 10-Jun-1924 Austintown, Mahoning Co. OH     23443067 X     Photo for disability; ACWRD data may be incorrect based on findagrave info.  ACWRD states he was born in Ireland and died in Buffalo NY.
Anderson, John M. E 22                       26-Mar-1930 Mercersburg PA     not found         Per ACWRD, after war lived in Mechanicsburg, PA; pension information regarding Widow Harriett H. Anderson.
Anderson, William A. C 23         moulder             June 16, 1862 James Island SC     not found         killed at Battle of Secessionville
Andras, Charles B 30 dark 5' 6 1/2" grey dark carpenter         Germany             not found         Deserted 6-11-65 at Tennalbytown, D.C.
Andrew, Elmer R. E 18                       16-Oct-1924 Tarpon Springs FL     not found         buried in Rose Hill Cem, Cedar Co, Pioneer Twp., IA per ACWRD data; settled in Mechanicsville, IA after the war.
Andrews, Lemuel K 25             X Mercer Co., Mill Creek   French Creek Twp., Mercer Co. PA Dec. 30, 1834 12-Aug-1917 Erie (Soldier's Home) PA   X 18367368 X       Per ACWRD, buried at French Creek, Mercer Co. PA; wife Martha Abigail Dean
Angell, Aaron B 20         farmer Mercer, Pa.           Dec 16, 1861 Beaufort SC     not found         Died 12-16-61 at Beaufort, S.C.
Anshutes, Fred'k B 20 fair 5' 2 3/4" grey brown lab.         Germany             not found         Deserted 6-11-65 at Tennalbytown, D.C.
Anthony, Philip F 31 florid 5' 9"   dark farmer Kittanning, Armstrong, Co.       Armstrong Co., Pa.   March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA     54506314         Substitute--killed at Fort Stedman. Buried in Nat Cem, Meade Station, VA per ACWRD.
Applegate, Josiah M 30                     1831 12-Aug-1912 Frankford, Pike Co. MO   X 54083257         Per ACWRD, was a POW at Petersburg, VA 7-30-1864; returned 2-23-1865; after the war he lived in Frankford, MO; no service information on gravestone but confident same individual as findagrave info--enlistment age matches birthyear and death location matches MO residence post-war info.
Arbaugh, Jacob P. B 28         blacksmith Shenango, Pa.   West Middlesex PA Westmoreland Co. pA Sept 3, 1833 20-Mar-1920 W. Middlesex PA     not found         Per ACWRD, birth info--death date info is different than pension card listings--March 19, 1921.
Archibald, Jas. A. G 30                           IA     Not found         after war lived in Iowa; per ACWRD; transferred from Co. I to G.
Archibald, Jas. A. I 30                                            
Armstrong, Alex W. E 20                   Worth Twp, Butler Co., PA Jan 24, 1841 March 28, 1865 Springdale KS     not found       died before October 15, 1884 reunion picture; Death date and location from ACWRD.
Armstrong, Lewis E. H 18             X Mercer Co., Grove City   Mercer Co. PA March 8, 1847 31-Jul-20 Grove City PA   X 66335318         1864 Recruit, Per ACWRD he lived in Soldiers Home in TN, He applied for a pension on 10/21/1879
application # 317,078; His Widow (Jane Armstrong) applied for a pension on 8/21/1920 from the state of PA
application # 1,163,791
Armstrong, Oliver B 23         lab. Pulaksi, Pa.         Oct 7, 1837 1887 Mercer Co. PA     not found         Per ACWRD, wounded 6-17-1864 in hand; also birth and death dates/locations; burial in Carpenter Cem, Springfield Twp, Mercoer Co. PA
Armstrong, Samuel A. B 28 dark 5' 8" grey dark lab. Pulaksi, Pa.       Mercer PA July 31, 1835 18-Mar-1922 Nat. Sold Home PA     not found         Per ACWRD, pension info and birth date/location.
Armstrong, Thom. N. B 21         farmer Allegheny Co, Pa.           Aug 13, 1862 Potomac River VA     not found         Lost on Steamer West Point 8-13-62
Armstrong, Thomas C 25 light 6' 1" brown brown farmer         Worth Twp, PA 1839 May 13, 1864 Spottsylvania VA   X 36384838         ACWRD has birth location listed as  Worth Twp.
Arnold, David M 21                                 not found         On 3/8/1865 he mustered as a substitute and deserted on 6/4/1865 
Asch, Oliver G 20 light 5' 9" blue dark           Philadelphia, PA Dec 26, 1837 Sept 14, 1878 Benton Co IA   X 31230731         On 2/23/1865 he mustered as a substitute--
He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865
Ashbaugh, James C 17               Armstrong Co., Leechburg PA   Aug 1, 1847 25-Mar-1904 Pittsburgh PA     not found         On 3/11/1865 he mustered as a substitute--He was Mustered Out on 7/24/1865; Federal Pension Information: He applied for a pension on 9/10/1883 from the state of PA application # 494,869; His Widow (Minnie Ashbaugh) applied for a pension on 1/23/1917 from the state of PA--application # 1,091,978
His Guardian (Fidelity Title & Trust Co) applied for a pension on 4/19/1904 from the state of PA
application # 804,593
Auberry, William P. C 28 fair 6' blue brown farmer         Mercer Co. PA Nov 11, 1835 7-Apr-1915 Mercer PA     not found         ACWRD has 1916 as death year, also pension info listed.
Ault, Joseph R. E 35         Toeman         Penna.   Sept 20, 1862   MD   X 32235742         reported on Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo, buried in Washington D.C.
Axe, Reuben F 18 dark 5' 6" brown brown farmer Washington Twp., Pa.   Indiana Co. Blairsville PA   1848 30-Dec-1917 Blairsville, Indiana Co. PA   X 90044095         1864 Recruit wounded in shoulder at Spottsylvania Court House, VA; Federal Pension Information:
He applied for a pension on 8/31/1871 application # 168,857; His Widow (Elizabeth Axe) applied for a pension on 1/17/1918 from the state of PA
application # 1,113,371
Babel, Joseph D 28         laborer               Wellston OH     not found         Based on ACWRD pension listing, soldier settled in OH; death date may be around 1882-1884 based on widow (Minerva Babel) pension application from WV.  Death date on pension card is suspect or widow's claims are suspect.
Bacon, William M 35               Allegeheny Co., Elizabeth     1823 25-Dec-1908 Smithton PA     not found         Per ACWRD, died in McKeesport, PA; buried in Greenock, PA, died at age of 85.
Bailey, William B 25 dark 5' 11" hazel brown laborer Crawford Co., Pa.       Crawford Co. PA             not found         for disability; 1864 Recruit; per ACWRD born in Crawford Co. PA
Baker, Ellis C 18                       7-Feb-1909         not found         1865 Substitute; Federal Pension Information:
He applied for a pension on 12/11/1890 from the state of PA application # 896,897
Baker, Nelson A 31               Woodsfield, Monroe Co. OH   1830? Nov 18, 1897       X 33494084       Wartime article on going home on furlough after getting wounded by bayonet thrust during skirmish No further recorrd per ACWRD; findagrave information needs to be confirmed but possible match based on enlistment age  and birth year (1830) and death year 1897 for findagrave
Bales, Thomas J. E 35                   Cumberland Co. PA   1880 Armstrong Co.  PA   X 43269897         died per Oct. 15, 1884 reunion photo; findagrave info match with gravestone inscription of Co. E 100th PA
Ball, William D 18                       March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA     not found         1865 Substitute; killed at Fort Stedman
Banghart, William D 27                       25-Apr-1912         not found         1865 Substitute
Banks, Samuel A. F 21         farmer East Brook, Pa.         June 21, 1844 31-Dec-1916 Zephyr Hills FL   X 33329576         Per ACWRD, birth date and location; sick in hospital when regiment re-enlisted in January 1864.
Bannon, Patrick G. M 20                                 not found         1865 Substiitute and deserter
Barber, John S. E 45 fair 5' 7" blue sandy Moulder     Mercer Co. E. Lackawannock Twp. PA Bulter Co., PA 1817 July 4, 1898   IN     not found X       Wounded at James Island in leg, wounded at Spottsylvania CH in arm per ACWRD.
Barber, Samuel E 19 light 5' 7 1/2" blue brown farmer         penna.             not found         No information found.
Barham, Charles F 42                                 not found         Per ACWRD, 1865 Substitute, POW at Fort Stedman, 3-25-1865
Barker, Cyrus I. A 19                       March 25, 1865 Petersburg VA   X 9733673         Buried in Poplar Grove Cemetery, VA
Barker, Milton G 26                                 Not found         1864 Recruit, no other info available.
Barkhouse, Benj. B 28                       24-Jun-1916 Buch WV     not found         1865 Draftee.
Barner, Adam G 26                                 Not found         Per ACWRD, March 1865 subsitute, deserted July 1, 1865.  No other information available.
Barnes, Thomas C 23 dark 5' 6" blue black Coal Miner         Penna. Dec 23, 1840 19-Apr-1912         not found         Per ACWRD, wounded at Spottsylvania CH.
Barnett, Philip S. A 18                     Sept 14, 1846 10-Oct-1930 Austin PA   X 27305936         Middle name "Shoaf"
Barr, James A 21                   W. Middleton, PA Aug 28, 1838 5-Mar-1919 Norfolk VA     not found         Birthdate/location info per ACWRD--also lived in Wheeling WV.
Barton, Samuel M 25               Allegeheny Co., Pittsburgh       May 15, 1893         not found         widow Lucy, per 1890 cenus
Bates, Charles E 36           Easton Pond, PA       Penna.   May 12, 1899         not found         1864 Recruit
Bathurst, Henry A. M 35               Laramie, Cheyenne WY               not found         Per ACWRD, sick on steamer West Point, when it sank in the Potomac on Aug 13 1862.
Bauder, Frederick C 23 light 5' 8 1/2" grey red farmer   X     Pa. Jan 18, 1839 11-Jun-1919 Portersville PA   X 45064585 X       Per ACWRD, wounded 3 times @ James Island, 2nd Bull Run and Spottsylvania CH, member of GAR post 478 in Mt. Joy, PA
Baughman, John F 39                                 not found         1865 Draftee per ACWRD
Bay, James E. H 19             X         Oct 1, 1864 Andersonville GA     not found         Per ACWRD, Captured 6-2-1864 at Cold Harbor, VA; died as a POW on Oct 1, 1864; buried at Andersonville, GA
Bay, William H 38             X Lawrence Co., New Castle   Neshannock Twp, Lawrence Co, PA March 8, 1826 Jan 26, 1898 New Castle PA   X 9278649 X       Per ACWRD, 1864 recruit wounded at Petersburg (date unknown); wives Nancy McCracken and Mary Marks
Beadel, Conrad G 33                   Germany May 7, 1828 19-Jun-1900 Dayton OH     not found         "Bentel?", "Bendel"?; discharged for disability, born in Germany.
Beams, Samuel G 30               Franklin Co., Lurgan       30-May-1900         Not found         Per ACWRD, 1865 draftee or possibly substitute--more research needed.
Bear, George F 33                       28-Jan-1901 Upton, Franklin Co PA   X 22988429         Likely found based on findagrave info and pension card death date; per ACWRD 1865 draftee
Beattie, Thomas A 24                                 not found         1865 recruit--listed as POW at Fort Stedman 3-25-1865 per ACWRD.
Beer, Henry D 21 florid 5' 8" hazel dark laborer                       not found         1865 Substitute
Beighley, Sidney P. F 18         farmer Princeton, Pa.         April 14, 1808 14-Apr-1908 New Castle PA   X not found         buried in Oak Park Cemetery, Lawrence Co. PA. ACWRD states he was 53 years old at enlistment? CW Veterans Card says 18.
Bell, James I 19                       June 6, 1862 James Island SC     not found         died 6-6-1862 of wounds rec. 6-3-1862
Bell, Joseph W. H 27                                 not found