Biographical Profile: Pvt. Amos Martin, Company I, 100th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers

Compiled by David L. Welch from "Military Echoes", by Angus Martin, from "Wee Drams" On-line Magazine # 29, Page 5

There are two Campbeltonians, that I know about, anyway, who fought in and survived the American Civil War, Amos Martin and Malcolm McMillan. The former is rather doubtful. He claimed to have been born in Campbeltown in March, 1798. I haven't been able, so far, to find any record of his birth or baptism, but that doesn't necessarily invalidate his claim: a good many individuals, I know from genealogical research, were not baptized. If indeed he was born in Campbeltown, he certainly was not baptized 'Amos'. I suspect 'Amos' to have been an Americanization of 'Angus', but that cannot be proved either.

     Whatever the facts of the matter, Amos was a very interesting old soldier. He emigrated to Canada with his parents, while still in his youth, and subsequently fought not only in the Civil War, on the Union side, but also in the war with Britain from 1812 to 1814 and in the Mexican War from 1846 to 1848. He was wounded only once, during the second battle of Bull Run, in August 1862, when he received 'a minie ball through the head'. He was on the losing side in that battle, which want to the Confederates, under General Robert E. Lee.

     Martin was a member of 1st (should be Company "I") of the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He died in Newcastle, Pennsylvania, in 1908, at the reputed age of 110 years. No one there, it may be said, doubted his age: 'Men of 75 years who knew him all their lives remember him as an elderly man when they were boys' . He was a stone-cutter to trade and was 'rarely sick', though he had 'always smoked and enjoyed a little Old Scotch'. His Army pension amounted to 48 dollars monthly.


(Author's Note:  One thing is for sure...Amos Martin may well have been the oldest Roundhead--I would like to locate this 1908 obituary article on his death to confirm his death date and service--110 years old?  Good Lord!)

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