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July 2010

See my book review (button bar at left) on Beyond all Price, a Novel of Civil War Nurse Nellie M. Chase by Dr. Carolyn Poling Schriber coming August 2010 from, Stories behind the History.


June 2010

Carolyn Schriber has a new book coming out in August 2010, titled, Beyond all Price, a story of Roundhead's nurse Nellie M. Chase.  Look for a pre-publish review on the site in July 2010.  She has a new website for her own company,

January 2010

I am pleased to announce that the Websmith has a new netbook computer and am now ready to resume website content posting.  Please send information that you would like to have posted to the site.  However, I DO have a large backlog of projects and I will get things done as time permits.  My thanks to descendants and friends of the Roundheads for your patience!  Also, Please note that the webpage has a new URL of but I will continue to use the old URL as the launch page. 

Also, for those inclined, the 100th PA has a group page under the title "Society of the Roundheads" that is free for any descendant or friend of the Roundhead Regiment.  This is a good location for Roundtable type forum discussion and a place for people to post information pertaining to the 100th PA.

Happy New Year!

--The Webmith


October 2009--Backdated to Website

Interesting Sharon Herald On-line Newspaper article on a "Lantern Walking Tour" in Mercer, PA by Bill Phillson, a descendant of Thomas Bestwick of Company G.


September 2009--Backdated to Website

Interesting New Castle News article on Roundhead soldier Lt. James Law Banks of Co. F and his descendant Lew Banks.  contributed by Tami McConahy. 

News Article


October 2008-Backdated to Website

Disturbing news article on the grave vandalism of Edward Darley, Co. K in Oak Park Cemetery.  This was brought to our attention by Chuck Dean.  I apologize for backdating this news on the website.....  If anyone has any current news regarding the status of repair to the marble faceplate in the Darley Mausoleum, please contact the websmith via e-mail or Facebook through the "Society of the Roundheads" group page.


June 2008

Dr. Carolyn Schriber's updated website titled, "The Stories behind the History" becomes a wonderful addition to the 100th Pennsylvania Collection (see webpage link button, lower left).  The webpage features excerpts from her well written history, "A Scratch with the Rebels, A Pennsylvania Roundhead and a South Carolina Cavalier" as well as discussing a planned 2010 book that will be devoted to Ms. Nellie Chase Leath, Devoted Roundhead Nurse and "Woman of Scandal".

December 2007

Current news regarding purchase of Carolyn Schriber's new book, "A Scratch with the Rebels"

Currently, there are 4 ways to get the book:

1. Go to the Border's site at
Use the store locator button to find the store nearest you, and then search their inventory.  That should bring up the listing for the book, and a button that lets you order it through that store.  (The customer will pay local sales tax, but not shipping if they pick up the book at the store.)

2. Contact the publisher:  Mechling Bookbindery, 1124  Oneida Valley Road, Chicora, PA, or call 1-800-941-3735.  They also offer online ordering through their bookstore at  The customer will pay PA sales tax plus shipping and handling charges of $5.50.

3. Continue to order from me at Carolyn Schriber, 1941 Appling Oaks Circle, Cordova, TN 38016.  I still have quite a few books, but from now on I will have to charge the $5.50 shipping fee to cover the cost of packaging, postage, and getting the package to the post office.  Note: Until I have made over $4,000 profit (HA! HA!), I am not required to charge sales tax.

4. For customers in the greater Memphis, TN area, the book is available at Davis-Kidd Booksellers,

  • 397 Perkins Ext., in the Laurelwood Shopping Center, by Oak Court Mall, Memphis, TN
  • Phone: 901/683-9801

Websmith's Note:  I am in the process of reading Dr. Schriber's book and am enjoying it immensely.  I will be providing a review on the book shortly after I finish.  I encourage those descendants or others with ties to the Roundheads to order a copy!


November 2007

Dr. Carolyn Schriber's non-fiction book A Scratch with the Rebels, a Pennsylvania Roundhead and a South Carolina Cavalier,  is NOW AVAILABLE!  The books are in and were published by Mechling Books.  Dr. Schriber is offering the book at the cover price of $24.95 with no shipping charges for a limited time (through Dec. 1, 2007) and you can pay for the book by either personal check or money order (see announcement/flyer order form below).

October 2007

Dr. Carolyn Schriber's book A Scratch with the Rebels, a Pennsylvania Roundhead and a South Carolina Cavalier,  is being published at the end of the month by Mechling Books.  Dr. Schriber is offering the book at the cover price of $24.95 with no shipping charges for a limited time (through Dec. 1, 2007) prior to the official book release (see announcement/flyer order form below).





March, 2007

Dr. Carolyn Schriber, Professor Emerita, Department of History,  Rhodes College, Memphis, TN has written a book pertaining to Sgt. James McCaskey of Company C.

 The book is finished and is under contract with Mechling  Books of Chicora, PA.  Publication should come before the end of the  year.

"A Scratch With the Rebels" will tell the story of James McCaskey and  the Roundheads during the first year of the Civil War.  James died at  the Battle of Secessionville, June 16, 1862. Because his military  career was so short,  Dr. Schriber expanded the story to include the people  around him -- on both sides of the war.  In particular, he is  balanced by a Confederate soldier, Gus Smythe, who was very much like  James, except for his political allegiance.  The two  lives came  together only once -- when Gus found James's body on the battlefield.

Dr. Schriber is now in the process of doing a final check of the manuscript.  She has used several bits of information from the 100th Pennsylvania website and wants to make sure the copyright issues are clear. 

If you have posted anything on the 100th PVI  website and know of any restrictions on that material, please let her know immediately, so that she can take care of the proper citations.

For descendants, Carolyn has graciously offered to privately contact you if  you would like to be notified when the book becomes available at a  "pre-publication" reduced rate.  Please send her your name and address so that she can contact you privately.

Thank you for helping to keep the memory of the Roundheads alive!

 e-mail:  Dr. Carolyn Schriber (Dept. of History, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN)


March 2007


Original soldier diary, handwritten poetry and photographs.   Pvt. Hamilton Dunlap, Co. K.  Hamilton Dunlap mustered into the regiment in December of 1863 and mustered out July 1865 with the rest of the regiment.

Please contact:

 Jay Radencic:; Ph (412) 335-1938.

May, 2005

FOR AUCTION:   Fine copy of Gavin's out-of-print 1989 History of the 100th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, "The Roundhead Regiment". 


-  David L. Welch, Websmith



February, 2004

The webauthor recently discovered that Scott B. Lang, descendant of Jacob Masonheimer of Co. K ("Uncle Jake" the Cook) has written a regimental history book titled The Forgotten Charge  about the 123rd Pennsylvania Volunteers who apparently made a gallant yet forgotten charge at Fredericksburg, during that ill-fated battle for the Army of the Potomac.  Scott's great great grandfather (Uncle Jake's brother) fought for this brave Pennsylvania regiment.  The book, published in December 2002 by White Mane Publishers is available in paperback from fine book retailers.  There is a fine short biography on "Uncle Jake" by Scott on the "BIOS" webpage.



The Webauthor is proud to announce that the 100th Pennsylvania website has been listed in a recently updated publication,  "The Civil War on the Web, A Guide to the Very Best Sites",  September 2003, by Alice E. Carter and Richard Jensen.   The publication's top 100 sites are profiled in detail while the Roundhead site made a list of the top 300 sites "Worth a Look".  It is listed toward the back in the alphabetical listing of Civil War sites by "State", under Pennsylvania.  Hopefully, this publication will gradually draw more individuals interested in the Roundhead regiment!

The book is well organized and has a CD-ROM in a back cover sleeve which has the entire book available electronically in .pdf file format.  The researcher can directly link to the websites profiled and listed by accessing the CD while connected to the internet. Available from fine book retailers.



"Worth a Look!"

-- David L. Welch

Dec. 2003 issue of North & South Magazine with article on the making of "Cold Mountain".  This fine article, by Patrick Brennan, discusses the production of the film in Romania, the use of Romanian soldiers as the Civil War Reenactors and the first 15 minutes of the film which portrays the Battle of the Crater, in which the film's central character "Inman" gets wounded.  There was a scene filmed in the Crater which portrays the story of the 100th PA and how their colors were shattered, half were rescued and the other half captured by the rebels. It is unknown if the scene will be used in the movie but cross your fingers.

--The webauthor just read the article and it made the reader excited to see the release of "Cold Mountain", the film adaptation of the Charles Frazier novel on Christmas Day, 2003

Michael Kraus holding up the replica 1st colors of the 100th PA in a prop room on location in Romania for the filming of "Cold Mountain".  In addition to Mr. Kraus, Brian Pohanka, Don Troiani and John Bert were  involved in this production as Civil War military consultants/experts. According to Mike Kraus, Brian Pohanka was instrumental in getting the scene involving the 100th PA's flag filmed after discussing the history of the event with the film's director, Anthony Minghella.


Camp Maxwell 2002,   Grove City, PA.  A Living History Event Honoring Mercer County Veterans, August 24th and 25th: Grove City Memorial Park.  Sponsored by Mercer County Historical Society and Western Pennsylvania Civil War Reenactor's Society

Camp Maxwell: Just found this photo the other day.

It comes from a great website on the 10th Pennsylvania Reserves re-enacting organization.




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