Beaufort S.C. no date, top of letter torn off

        I am well and in fine spirits, we have evacuated James Island and are now on Hilton Head.  We have a great deal better times here than we had on James Island.  I tell you what it is mother we had pretty hard times there.  We had to evacuate it owing to the small force we had there and we could get no reinforcements and if we had of stayed there this summer half of us would have died of sickness.  I have had very good health all the time we was there and was on duty all the time.  This is a very nice place.  We have a large hospital here (torn here)  I wish you would send me two check shirts and two flannin over shirts and a large pocket handkerchiefs.  The ones I have are about wore out and the ones we draw from the government are white course ugly things and hardly any of the boys wears them and do not send any undershirts for it is too warm here now to wear shirts.  you can send them by Adams express and I wish you would take the Mercury or Ledger or some paper that has some good tale in it and send it to me but you can let sis read it first.  Tell sis to learn-----while the rest are at school what kind of a time you had on the fourth anyhow.  I would like very much to have been there.  When do you think the war will be over?    What is pap doing now?  Has he ever got anything from Sam McElree yet?  What kind of a garden crop have you?  Is there any prospects of fruit?  But I must wind this letter up.  My love to you pap and all the children.  Goodbye, write soon.  From your affectionate son, Alexander Adams.  I have just got a letter from Sallie Sellars she says they are all well.