February 1, 1862 Letter from Private Robert Dawson to sister, Rebecca Dawson while at Beaufort, S.C.

(transcribed by granddaughter, Ms. Clara Warner)   

Beaufort, S.C.

Saturday night, Feb. 1, 1862

Dear sister

I received your letter of the 10th on last wednesday and was glad to hear that you was all well.  we are all well at present and I hope that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing.  there  has not much transpired since I wrote to you last and t herefore I wont have much to write this time.  we came in to camp last Sunday but we have not got our pay yet.  I am on provost guard down in town.  I was out in town yesterday and I got some nice flowers  I will put some in this letter if I dont forget it and I will send some melon seeds and squash seeds I sent some seeds in the last letter I wrote to father and I sent some grafts to father in a pamphlet.  I wrote to you that I would send you some flowers in a paper but they was to big and I said for you to stick the stems in the ground and keep them wet and may be they would grow but I sent some branches with the grafts and it might be if you keep them in a box and keep them wet they might grow, the darkies said that they had no seed on if you want any seeds of any kind let me know may be I will send you some rosy seeds in this letter, you wanted to know in one of your other letters about twoo Douthitt boys in our company I dont know their fathers name I forgot to enquire I will let you know some other time their names are Robert and Shipman.  I got the paper you sent me and one from Rolena and one from None Johnson and I got one letter from you and one from None and one from Mag Johnson and one from aunt Rachels none, he says he is well the recruits came the first of this week and their was 11 for our company they fetched a good many things for the company they fetched some butter and over 100 pairs of socks sent from chippewa township we are drawing some clothes such as pants and overcoats for them that had none, it reported that our men has got fort pulaski surrounded but I cant believe it although there was heavy firing in that direction this week one day, no more at present but remain your brother

R D Dawson


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