Company E

'Slippery Rock Volunteers'

100th Regt, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

  The Roundhead Regiment


Historical Images of Company E Soldiers



1884 Reunion Photograph of Company E, who met in Plain Grove, PA October 15, 1884

Back Row (L to R) : Alex Hanna (b. 5-28-1842), John C. Dean (b. 1-2-1842), Wm. A. Kerr (b. 6-28-1844),  Henry Wimer (b. 9-30-1830), John Barber (b.  1817), Jackson Book (b. 7-26-1838), Wm. R. Gealey (b. 4-5-1837), and Daniel Shaner (5-18-1845).

Middle Row (L to R}:  M.W. Forrest (b. 11-23-1840), Eph.McCommon (b. 12-7-1848), Hugh Dillinger (b. 8-14-1836), John Pounds (b. 10-1-1843), Thomas Cross, J.C. Weakley (b. 11-17-1828), Aaron Glenn (b. 4-5-1836),  and Wm. H.H. Miles (7-6-1841).

Front Row (L to R):  John Magee (b. 4-22-1843), E.R. Miles (b. 11-25-1838), Martin Ewing (b. 7-5-1842), Geo. Montgomery (b. 4-25-1838), N.J. Maxwell (b. 3-14-1835) w/cane, Jas. C. Stevenson (b. 9-20-1838), R. Gealey Glenn (b. 1-4-1840) w/ infant, and Geo. Maxwell (8-13-1841).

Collage of Images of Soldiers of the 100th Pennsylvania

 Volunteer Infantry, Roundhead Regiment

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