Letters and Diaries of the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, "The Roundheads", Letters are Pre-Civil War, Civil War Period or Post-Civil War as Noted.

Corp. Phineas Bird, Co. C Diary--August 27, 1861 through January 16, 1863 (Anonymous Contribution) 

Corp. Alexander Adams, Co. A Letters (62) from January 1862 to July 1865-Letters contributed by Roger Pierson, great grandson of Corp. Adams, all rights reserved (thanks to Ms. Sarah Flood of the 100th PA, Company A Living History group for transcribing letters the to the web page starting with the October 20, 1862 letter!)

May 19, 1862 letter to Quartermaster Lt. Jefferson Justice from General Joseph Pannill Taylor disallowing a sale of Pickles! from www. historyforsale.com. Because of it's uniqueness, the asking price for this letter is $1,999.00! 


July 27, 1863 letter to Noah Dean, Sr. father of Isaac Newton Dean, Co. K, who died of illness shortly after the Battle of Vicksburg, MS; letter written by Lt. Richard Craven, Co. K; transcribed and contributed by descendant Chuck Dean

Civil War Letters by Pvt. Robert Doyne Dawson Company D to his sister Rebecca Dawson with Descriptive History (contributed by Pvt. Dawson's granddaughter Ms. Clara Warner)

August 4th, 1864 letter from Pvt. Ethan S. Morehead, Co. K to his brother, Capt. Joseph Morehead describing the Battle of the Crater; from a letter submitted to the Vicksburg Daily Herald, August 16, 1864; contributed by the Old Court House Museum, Vicksburg, Mississippi; transcribed by the webauthor

Three Civil War Letters written by Alexander Heasley, Currently for sale from "War Between the States Memorabilia" (Civil War antiques)

Two Civil War Letters written by Sgt. James Campbell Stevenson, Company E to his little sister Martha Stevenson (contributed by Mimi Fittipaldi, descendant of Sgt. Stevenson and transcribed by the webauthor)

Civil War Letter written by Pvt. James W. Gormley, Co. K describing recent Battle of Fredericksburg and Low Morale of the Union Army (Contributed by Clark Gonzalez, great great grandson of James W. Gormley)

Post-Civil War Letter written by Pvt. William Thompson, Co. G, for a self affadavit-of-pension request describing injuries suffered during service and resulting woes later in life.


Civil War Diary of Daniel Shaner, contributed by descendant Kevin Shaner

Post-Civil War Letter written by Pvt. Daniel Shaner, Co. E, describing his witnessing of events at the time of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination while serving with the Veteran Reserve Corps.

  A Roundhead in South Carolina, letter by and additional information on Marinus King McDowel

Letter by Capt. J.W. Allen, Co. M to his Father, April 26, 1864, describing the march into the Battle of the Wilderness

Pension Letter written on behalf of "substitute" soldier Cyrus C. Kirling, by Captain Book of Co. E acknowledging his status as a substitute and his honorable wounding while carrying or defending the U.S. colors (contributed by descendant Ruth Curfman)


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