Company E

'Slippery Rock Volunteers'

100th Regt, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

  The Roundhead Regiment


Living History

Our club belongs to the parent organization, the Washington Civil War Association (WCWA) at

Company E, 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry will portray a union soldier using a standard federal impression.   See the equipment list below for our requirements:



Standard Federal Impression/Kit


  1. Uniform/Clothing

  1. Forage or Kepi (preferably Forage Cap); hat brass encouraged for awhile until we are recognized; large letter ‘E’ over small numbers ‘100’ on top of forage or kepi.

  2. Sack Coat or Frock Coat (preferably Sack Coat)

  3. Vest (military or civilian style)—not required but encouraged as many photos of 100th PA soldiers show soldiers wearing vests.

  4. Blue Kersey Trousers with Braces/Suspenders

  5. White issue or homespun shirt (s)

  6. Brogans or Black Dress shoes with square toe (brogans preferable)

  7. Wool socks worn inside or outside of trousers

  8. Period correct eyeglass frames or wireframe glasses—no plastic frames (period correct eyeglass frames preferable)

  9. 9th Corps army badge (brass) encouraged for 1864/2014 season when they were issued.

  10. Appropriate rank insignia Chevrons for Corporals/Sergeants; shoulder bars for commissioned officers.

b.      Weapon and Traps

  1. 1861 Springfield or 1853 Enfield Rifle-Musket

  2.  Musket Cleaning supplies (essential)

  3. Bayonet and Scabbard (not required immediately, but preferable when you can for stacking arms)

  4. Leather Cartridge Box with Sling, Round Eagle Buckle for Sling (preferable), US buckle (oval) for cartridge box (preferred); 40 rounds carried

  5. Cap Box and percussion caps

  6. Black Leather Belt with US Buckle

c.      Other Equipment

  1. Bullet Canteen with tan, light blue, dark blue wool or homemade cover with sling; may also be bare metal, if desired.  Stainless steel recommended.

  2.  Black tarred or painted haversack (preferred), white canvas or carpetbag material OK.

  3. Mess: replica tin cup or mucket, canteen half or flat replica metal plate (US Stamp ok), knife/spoon/fork as needed.

  4. Lodging: shelter half (preferred for enlisted) or two halfs; A-tents or dog tent for NCOs; A-Tent (preferable) or wall tent for commissioned officers; all associated 2"x2" square or round wood poles and tent stakes—stakes need to be square iron.

  5. Personal Items: Pocket Bible, Letters to or from home; Candles and Lantern or use a bayonet for candle holder; a couple of CDV sized images of loved ones encouraged, other items as desired from sutlers; playing cards, alcohol or other ungodly items discouraged but not banned.

  6. Copy of Silas Casey’s Jan 1862 Manual of Arms (available for free;  online .pdf file Leather Belt with US Buckle

  7. Blanket Roll or Knapsack, your choice but we should wear these on the march.  However, not necessary for parade and optional for battle.