Page 24:  Roll of Co. H, Roundhead Regiment

Page 25:  Muster Roll, Co. C, Roundhead Regiment

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 Captain – Adam Moore,

1st Lieut. R. J. Ross,

2d “ A. H. Leslie,

1st Sergeant – L C Morrow,

2d “ C P Watson,

3d “ John Jay,

4th “ Cyrus H Rea,

5th “ W H Watson,

1st Corporal – Charles Wilson

2d “ Hillery Bay,

3d “ James Marshall

4th “ Henry Applegate

5th “ Hezekiah Sankey,

6th “ John M Cannon

7th “ R G Christy



1st Sheddin L M’Cormick

2d R H Hamilton


Alexander W C

Buckalew Abraham

Curtis Elias

Cornnell A B

Christy J H

Campbell Wm

Day Samuel

Dickson Wm

Delany Wm

Dickson Lafayette

Flinn Thomas

Jones Augustus

Johns John

Ketler H G

Kelly W M

Kelly Isaac

Longacer Jesse

Leslie R C

McBride W C

McFaddin John

McCleary E S

Mathews F M

Mallon John

Marshal W P

Plug Jacob

Patton A B

Powell E D

Pyle Isaac

Reiser W R

Ready James

Ray D T

Smith Hiram

Sommers W R

Simpson W H

Spragg Levi

Strasbury C T

Tallbammer P

Tenbroeck R

Watson W M

Wilson W C

Whitstone George

Wagoner Philip

Watson Robert

Whiting H N

Geager Philip

Zemkie Charles



 Muster Roll of Co. C, 100 (Roundhead) Regiment P. V.

 Captain – J E Cornelius

1st Lieut.  P. S. Morton

2d “ D. Critchlow

1st Sergeant – R W. Weller

2d “ Jas. M’Caskie,

3d “ Geo. M. Fisher,

4th “ W. F. Monroe, 1*

5th “ I. M. Cornelius, 2*

6th “ William James

1st Corporal – Addison Cleland

2d “ John McElwain,

3d “ J. S. Watson,

4th “ William Smiley

5th “ H. N. Kelly,

6th “ Findley Brandon,

     “ R. M. Eckels,

   “ Jacob Ake, 3*


Henry C. Tried, Teamster

Jos. Butter, Musician.



Akin Erskine E

Akin Alex M

Anderson Wm. A.

Brown William K

Brown Robert J

Bauder Frederick

Breadon William L

Bird Phineas

Bracken Elisha J

Campbell James F

Cambpell James C

Campbell Henry S

Christy Marcus C

Craig Joseph A

Dunwoody Robt C

Dillaman Henry

Evans John R

Frech Stiles

Greeves Loyal C

Gibson William W

Gibson James

Gill Hiram

Guy Henry S

Gray Jacob

Glenn John

Holmes Richard D

Hogue James

Hogue John J

Jemison Ewell

Kirker Francis

Leary Andrew

Leary Jacob

Logan Robert

Morrison Hugh

Moor Jno C

Murray Samuel

Marshall Jno C

McClymonds Thos

Miller Thos M

Miller Sam’l F

Miller Jno C

Moore Sam’l L

Moor Jno N

Moore Joseph Sr

Miles Thos N

Miles Jno F

McCune Henderson

McConnell Henry

McKain John

McClure Hiram W

McGown Wm 5*

McQuiston Wm W

Patterson Smith

Pisor John

Philip Eli

Ribb Henry

Ross John C

Reddick William J

Rutter William

Stewart Mathew

Stickle Shimp

Sterling Hiram

Scott David M

Sulivan James

Sharp William

Silk Henry

Smith Solomon W

Tebay Oliver

Vogan Jno A.

Wimer Robt

Walton Juno E

Watson Henry W.

Watson Winans

Wright Miller

Wilson Eli H

Wilson Jno P

White Jas W

White Sam’l A

White William

Weyman Ernest

Williams Jno C

Wick Alfred N

Wilson Hugh



*1. Resigned and in the ranks.

*2. Promoted to Sergt. Major of Regt.

*3. Discharged for disability.

*4. Died at Hilton Head of dysentery.

*5. Died Beaufort, S. C., of Typhoid fever.

I certify that the above roll is a complete copy of the muster roll of my company.

J. E. Cornelius, Capt.

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