Page 29:  Death announcement of Robert Reynolds

Page 30: Company B Roster, M. M. Dawson; Company C Roster, J.E. Cornelius; Return of Rev. Browne; Lieut. Banks Death Announcement; Philander Duff Death Announcement


 A Roundhead Gone.

We regret to state that Robert Reynolds, a son of Mr. James Reynolds, of Hickory township has fallen a victim of disease, at Beaufort, S. C. He died on the 28th ult. He was a member of Capt. Cline’s command. He leaves many relatives and acquaintances to morne his departure.



 Company B. M. M. Dawson.

 J H Armstrong

J H Anderson

J A Armstrong

Oliver Armstrong

David Anderson

Aaron Angell

J P Arbaugh

Thos N Armstrong

J W Buchanan

Thos Buchanan

Alex Boyd

Robt Burns

M F Book

J W Black

Jas P Byers

Thos Bucklew

Jos Creighton

W A Clark

John Clinefelter

Wm F Clark

M B Cayle

Jos Caleb

Jones Cauffman

Alex Donaldson

Lemuel Davis

Jas Davidson

Jas Donley

Sameul Donley

John Elliott

George Forsythe

Jas C Golden

Daniel Gailey

Wm M Gibson

E W Gosselin

Saml Harris

J H Hunter

Camillons Huston

John Hall

J C Hope

Alex Heasly

W H Harper

Francis W Helmes

J A Henry

Wm Hurd

Wm Hammond

John Joseph

Hugh Jackson

H M Jackson

Sylvester Johnson

Joseph Johnson

Jones Kaughman

J G Knox

Joseph Kirk

John Love

J A Lastetter

Robt Lane

Jas S Moore

Samuel Moore

Jas A Mars

W W Minich

W A Munnell

J W Murdock

A J Morrison

Jas Margins

A A Montgomery

Andrew McCombs

G B McCaslin

R B McCaslin

Robt McKnabb

Thos Neal

E F Oliver

W C Oliver

James Pomroy

E F S Pinkerton

R C Proctor

G E Preston

Jas Palmer

Andrew Palmer

R H Porter

W W Riblet

Andy Rodgers

Myers Reed

C C Richey

John Reams

R E Reed

R Rice

Wm M Ramsey

Peter Stafford

N A Sewall

H D Smith

Wm Swagger

W S Sample

W H Smith

Wm E Vanorsdale

Wm Vanhorn

John Vanhorn

Enoch Worner

Isaac Worner

Donald Ward

James Young


Company C. J. E. Cornelius.

 Alex Akin

Jacob Ake

Eskin Akin

Wm K Brown

Fred Bender

Phineas Bird

Wm L Breaden

Findley Brandon

Jas F Campbell

Jas C Campbell

Henry S Campbell

J W Cornelius

Addison Clelland

Walter Elsworth

John Evens

R M Eckels

G W Fisher

H C Pride

Loyal Frewes

Wm M Gibson

Henry S Guy

Jacob Grey

L C Greeves

James Hogan

S P Junsy

F H Kirker

H N Kelley

Andrew Leary

Jacob Lary

Hugh Momson

John C Moore

Samuel Murray

John C Marshall

John M Miller

P S Morton

F G McClymonds

___ McCaskie

W F Monroe

Jno McElwayne

Linsey Patterson

Smith Patterson

John Pisor

Henry Ribb

Joseph Rutter

Wm Rutter

John C Ross

Matthew Stewart

Shimp Stickle

David M Scott

James Sullivan

Wm Sharp

Geo A Slater

Soloman W Smith

Wm Smiley

Oliver Tebary

Robert Wimer

Henry M Watson

J E Walton

Miller Wright

Winans Watson

James White

Earnest Weyman

John C Williams

Alford N Wick

Hugh Wilson

R W Weller

J S Watson

Return of Rev. Browne.

 Rev. R. Audley Browne. Chaplain of the Roundhead Regiment, arrived here Thursday evening of last week, just after our edition was printed. He comes on sick furlough, and will probably remain two or three weeks yet. He speaks well o the condition and behavior of our men. The Reverend gentleman preached at the U. P. Church on Sunday morning last, and at the Union Prayer meeting held at the same place in the afternoon, made some very interesting remarks to a densely crowded house.

 It has been said that the most rabid abolisionist becomes the hottest proslavery man, after spending a few months in the south, and witnessing the wonderfully humanizing and christianizing effects of the “Heaven Ordained Institution.” We couldn’t see that any such effect had been produced on the Rev. Browne. He has not even learned to look lovingly, or with approbation upon the separation of man and wife or parent and child, by selling one to go in one direction and another in another. Indeed he went so far as to quote ugly texts on the subject from an old book, printed in the north.  Notwithstanding all his advantages in the way of witnessing the benign effects of the Institution, he has not improved a particle. – Instead of that if we were a southern man, we should say that he was hardening under the very means of grace.


Death of Lieut. Banks.

Rev. R. A. Browne was the bearer of the sad intelligence of the death of another of Lawrence County’s brave sons – Lieut. JAMES L. BANKS. He died of inflammation f the bowels, on Saturday, 3d inst, after a very short illness. Lieut. BANKS, although modest in his intercourse with men, and not calculated to attract particular attention, was one of Lawrence County’s best men. With him, nothing was done for show or parade – Every act of his life meant something. In the first hour of his country’s peril, he was among the first to volunteer in her defence. In the three months service, when our men were stationed to guard the railroad in Maryland, though he would have preferred active serves on the field, he never complained. To know that he was serving his country where his services were most needed, was sufficient to prompt him to endure any hardship, or brave any danger. Well do we remember, when visiting the companies in their lonely wilderness station in July last, his pointing to the rock that formed his bed, with no shelter but the blue above. Of robust frame and iron constitution, it seemed that he could endure any hardship, and he was never the man to spare himself. He was a pleasant neighbor, a good citizen, a brave soldier and an honest man. The death of such is a loss to the country.


Another Victim.

 Philander Duff, of the Mount Jackson Guards died in the Hospital at Alexandria, and was brought home and buried on Wednesday. Though never in active warfare, he truly died in the service of his country.

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