Page 37:  Death Announcement of Robert Pearson who was a former patient of Dr. Daniel Leasure, the 100th PVI Commander, shot in the head and killed instantly at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh).

Account of the Sinking of the West Point Steamer with Numerous Roundheads that were Lost and Saved.



Killed in Battle.

Mr. Robert Pearson, of this county, was shot in the head at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, and killed instantly. We believe he was raised by Mr. G. W. Crawford. It may be remembered by some of the readers of the Journal, that he was kicked some years ago by a horse on the head, and that a portion of the skull bone which was fractured was extracted by Dr. Leasure, and thus his life was saved to be given in defence of his country. He was a brother to George Greene Pearson, of Shenango township.



We regret to state that on the night of the 13th inst., off Ragged Point, on the Potomac, a collision took place between the steamers Peabody and West Point, involving a loss of seventy-three lives. – The West Point was bound to that place from Newport News, with convalescent troops of Burnside’s army. About 279 souls were aboard. The West Point sank in about ten minutes after collision in four fathoms of water (24 feet.) The following named persons belonging to the Roundhead regiment met with a watery grave. Thos. M’Keever, Samuel Witherow, John Mellon, Charles Warren, John Jones, Isaac Trump, Andrew Hannah, Robert Culbertson, Franklin Pinkerton, Josiah O. Goliver. We can sympathize with the friends of those who have lost relatives in this section.


The following are the names of those saved of the 100th Regiment, who were on board, principally from Western Pennsylvania. They were nearly all convalescent patients, who have been placed in the convalescent hospital at Fairfax Seminary:


Caezar Gorlatt, co. G, Susquehanna, saved.

R. N. Glenn, co. E, Butler, saved.

Michael Lape, so. M, Westmoreland, saved.

H. Fieldgrove, co. F, Lawrence, saved.

S. Alton, co M, Allegheny, saved.

F. Raw, co. A. Washington, saved.

A .Henry, co. A, Westmoreland, saved.

Wm. S. Wagoner, co. F, Lawrence, saved.

W. Foster, co. M, Allegheny, saved.

C. B. Welch, co. F, Lawrence, saved.

J. B. M’Farland, co. D, Beaver, saved.

I. Kelly, co. H, Fayette, saved.

H. Giesks, co. K, Beaver, saved.

G. Kerr, co. M, Washington, saved.

Robt. Graham, co. I, Lawrence saved.

W. B. Brown, co. D, Beaver, saved.

G. Lucy, co. M, Westmoreland, saved.

J. Johnston, co. M, Wesm’nd, missing.

C. Warren, co. M, Allegheny, missing.

J. C. Shafer, co. F, Lawrence, saved.

J. N. Martin, co. B, Beaver, saved.

A. Buckalew, co. H, Lawrence, saved.

J. P. Culbertson, co. K, Crawford, saved.

H. A. Bathurst, co. M, Indiana, saved.

R. S. Drake, co. F, Lawrence, saved.

J. Jay, co. H, Lawrence, saved.

A.W. Armstrong, co. E, Butler, saved.

H. M’Elheney, co. D, Beaver, saved.

J J. Crouch, co. M, saved.

Joseph Allen, co. M, saved.

J. F. Grace, co. G, Mercer, saved.

W. G. Dickson, co. G, Mercer, saved.

S. B. Campbell, co. G, Mercer, saved.

A. Hanna, co. D, Beaver, missing.

I. Trunk, co. D, Beaver, missing.

R. Culbertson, co. D, Beaver, missing.

J. M. Mather, co. D, Beaver, saved.

W. Davidson, co. D, Butler, saved.

W. Harlan, co. E, Butler, saved.

Thos. Hanna, co. E, Lawrence, saved.

Alex. Hanna, co. E, Lawrence, saved.

A. J. Palmer, co. B, Mercer, saved.

P. Stafford, co. B, Lawrence, saved.

P. Wagoner, co. B, Lawrence, saved.

J. T. Clark, co. B, Lawrence, saved.

C. Zeuke, co. I, Lawrence, saved.

R. M. Thomas, co. M, Lawrence, saved.

W. Campbell, co. H, Washington, saved.

T. N. Miles, co. C, Lawrence, saved.

J. Jones, co. H, Lawrence, saved.

A. M. M’Gee, co. G, Mercer, saved.

E. N. Watson, co. H, Luzerne, saved.

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