Page 78: Death Announcement of Capt. James S. VanGorder; Announcement of King McDowell's Wound healing and arrival home.

Page 84:  Death Announcement of Marcus Shaw; Letter from J.C.G. (Possibly Joseph C. Gormley) dated January 30, 1863 to his uncle.

Page 90: More Casualty Lists from the Battles of Secessionville, 2nd Bull Run, Chantilly, South Mountain and Antietam.


Captain James S. Van Gorder.

We are pained to state that our fellow citizen Captain James S. Van Gorder, of the 100th Pennsylvania regiment, died on Saturday, the 27th ult., from a wound received in the battle of Bull Run, in August last. His remains were brought to New Castle and interred in Greenwood Cemetery, on Wednesday of this week, with military honors. The funeral obsequies took place in the United Presbyterian Church, on Jefferson street. The large number in attendance at the funeral, was an evidence on the part of the people how highly he was esteemed by them. – Captain Van Gorder was a young man of rare talents and made the best use of them in favor of religion, his fellowmen and his country. Peace to his remains.

Mr. King McDowell, son of Abel McDowell who was severely wounded in the thigh, at the battle of Antietam, and whose life was threatened by the occurrence of gangrene in the wound, reached home a short time since, and we are pleased to learn that he is doing well and his leg is saved


Suddenly in the Hospital in Philadelphia, on the 4th ult. MARCUS SHAW, of the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteers. – Mr. Shaw went out with the Regiment, and never missed a roll call, till about two months before his death, when he was taken ill, but still kept his place, until after the hard march preceeding, and the hard fought battles of Bull Run, South South Mountain and Antietam – he was so exhausted as to be sent to the hospital, and had so far recovered that he expected to join his Regiment the next day. He had eaten supper as usual, and shortly after fell from his chair and expired in a few minutes. He was a true soldier, and died for his country as much as if he had breathed his last on the battle field.


The following letter is from a young man who has been a republican, his father is one of the Auditors of this county, and a strong Abolitionist. The feeling in the army is indeed changing.


JANUARY 30, 1863.

Dear Uncle – We have nothing of importance going on here. It snowed about a foot on the 28th, it rained the night before. The night it rained our company was on picket duty. Lieut. Patton is sick and in the hospital. David Dunkle and William Lockhart are sitting in the next tent talking politics. Dave is a strong democrat and Bill is a strong abolitionist. They are on the negro question. That subject is brought up nearly every day. I am not very much in favor of the colored brethren; I never came out to fight for the ‘Black Snakes,” and that is all we are fighting for now. All the slaves I have ever talked to in Virginia, and South Carolina, (and they are a great many,) they all say they would rather be with Massa than with us, as they got every thing they wanted. I had a talk with an old man in Fredericksburg when we were over there before, and he said he never owned a slave nor never would, but he said if the slaves were free they would not work for themselves, and the Northern people would not have them about, and the slave holders would have to cook for them. He has been through Virginia and a good many other slave states, the slaves were all happy and had nice huts to stay in. He is a brick – a mason by trade, and is a union man.

 Yours &c.

J. C. G.




 We give below a list of the battles through which the 100th Regiment have passed, and a full list of the Casualties in each, together with the resignations, promotions and appointments. It will be very convenient for reference:


 Killed – Privates James bell, W. S. McNight, Solomon W. Fisher. Wounded, Thomas McKeever and Wm. H. White (died June 4th.)

 JAMES ISLAND, S. C. JUNE 16th, 1862

 Killed – Lieut. Samuel J. Morrow – Seargeants John H. Merrick, James McKaskie; Corporals, J. S. Patterson, John S. Watson, William A. Anderson; Privates, J. C. Book, John McCaslin, James A. Parker, Augustus Reed, George Whitestone, Thomas Eba, David Meridith and Peter Harrison.  Wounded – 1st Lieut’s. Joseph H. Gilliland, John P. Blair; 1st Sergeant, Henry H. Robinson; Sergeant John Elliott; Corporals, Evan Morris, Harlin Book, Nathan Offut;  Privates J. S. Barber, William Harlin, J. S. Diek, S. B. George, George Montgomery, J. B. Shaner, G. Maxwell, Jacob Leary, Thomas Gorman (died June 17th) Caleb Joseph, R. E. Reed, George W. Washabaugh, William R. Somers (pris. Of war,) William Claffey, Charles Stansbury and Thomas Williams.


BATTLE AT BULL RUN, VA. AUGUST 29, 30 AND 31st, 1862.

Killed – Capt’s. William F. Templeton, Simon H. Brown; 2d Lieut.  Philo P. Rayne; Sergeant Charles P. Watson; Corporal Evan Morr_s; Privates, Charles Herr, Eli H. Wilson, Francis H. Kirker, John Keifer, John Kelly, William Crawford, William M. McCalister, Samuel Norris. –

Wounded Major M. M. Dawson, Capt’s. James S. Vangorder, Walter C. Oliver; 1st Lieutenants, John P. Blair, Thomas H. Curt; 2d Lieutenants, David Patton, Edward J. R. Spence, Norman Maxwell, James L. McFeeters; Sergeants, John Elliott, A. J. Morrison, William H. Watson, George W. Fisher, John W Bentley, Ephraim Bender, Clarence L. Power, J. Smith Du Shane; Corporals, Samuel Stunkhard, Harlin Book, Joseph van Horn, H. S. Guy, Samuel Moore, J. J. Grace, William P. Buckley, Henry Applegate, John M. Cannon; Privates, Wm. Gray, Joseph M. Ekin, Joseph H. Templeton, Lewis Hagger, Simon Russel, David Anderson, D. M. Ward, Robert Burns, James U. Black, M. B. Coyle, W. A. Snagger, James Young, M. C. Christy, E. J. Bracken, S. Murray, J. C. Marshall, J. C. Ross, J. C. Williams, H. McConnel, Henry Silk, A. Crefas, A. M. McFarland, W. H. Rodgers, C. B. Smith, R. J. Graham, M. C. Asborn, William Runkle, A. Jones, John F. Lonacre, Richard Ten Breock, Amas Martin, James A. Archibald, Thomas McCann, Albert Cooley, Jessee P. Dushane, Henry Brenzter, George McKinley, Joseph Caldwell, George W. Wilson, Samuel Dickson, Johnston G. McCanlay, James Miller, Jno. M. Mosbrook, Sylvester S. Gaston, Sam’l. Anderson, Thomas Snagger, J. W. Bradley, J. F. Craighead, J. Cox, George W. Healey, R. Hopkins, J. R. Moss, R. f. McConnell, William Oliver, Solomon Throp, James Sadler, J. West, W. R. Buchannan, Wm. J. Graham, Wm. P. Bland, Thomas Bestwick.



Killed. – Corporal James P. Scroggs; Private O. W. Elliott; Wounded – Capt. James E. Cornelius; 1st Lieut. Robert J. Ross, Sergeant Samuel Richards, Corporal Nathan Offutt; Privates, William F. Grant, Joseph Cole, J. Ream, Schrimp Stickle, T. J. Powell, Thomas Cook, R. J. Johnston, J. Scott, William Stephenson, R. D. Dawson, J. A. Boyle, G. Hinds, James Johnston, John Locke, John Loudon, R. Miles, H. Womer, George Magee, R. Russel, J. C. McCreary, J. A. Carr; Sergeant A. J.  Jacobs;  Privates, D. Kane, john Best, John Turk, Dan Donnavan, Thomas Taylor, George W. Boyles, W. S. Abrams, R. F. McQuaid, J. W. McConnel, J. F. Kirkland, Edwin Foster (accidently,) Levi F. Spragg.



Killed – Sergeant Cyrus A. Rea, Privates, H. C. Odenbaugh, William Sanders, H. McClaren, James R. Young, J. C. Miller, A. G. Slater, Martin Jordan; Wounded – 1st Lieut’s. Samuel J. Book, James W. Montford; Sergeants, John W. Crooks, Hugh Morrison, Color-bearer, Richard P. Craven, Richard Porter; Corporals, Eleven Alvey, A. A. Montgomery, W. McLaughland, David Book, James Marshall; Privates, J. C. Pry, John Price, John Elder, John McKee, John S. More, A. M. Wick, R. Brown, John Wilson, John Evans, Jno. Leary, George Slater, Miller Wright, J. C. Stratton, John Codie, David Locke, J. M. Hennon, R. W. Rodgers, Charles C. Clawson, John Lockhart.



WoundedPrivates, John France, J C Preston, J P Wilson, J A Dick and M McDowe.



William F Templeton, Captain Company A. killed in action Aug. 29th, 1862.

Simon H. Brown, Capt Co G killed in action Aug 29th, 1862.

James S Van Gorder, Co K died of wounds Sept 27th, 1862.

David S McCreary, 1st Lieut Co F died of disease Aug 30th, 1862

James L Banks, 2d Lieut Co F died of disease, may 3d, 1862

Philo P Rayne, 2d Lieut Co G died of wounds Aug 39th, 1862

Edward R J Spence, 2d Lieut Co K died of wounds Sept 24, 1862

Samuel J Morrow, 2d Lieut Co I died of wounds, Jan 16th, 1862.



James Armstrong Lieut Colonel, resigned July 12th, 1862

David A Leckey, Lieut Colonel, resigned Dec 30th, 1862

Adam Moore, Capt Co H resigned December 19th, 1862

Hillery W Squire, Capt Co I resigned Dec 29th, 1862

William H Powers, Adjt resigned July 3d, 1862

Joseph P Rossiter, Assistant Surgeon – transferred to General Hospital

Philo S Morton, 1st Lieut Co C resigned Oct 4th, 1862

Andrew Nelson, 1st Lieut Co E resigned Feb 14th, 1862

Alva H Leslie, 2d Lieut Co H resigned May 8th, 1862

John S Pomeroy, 2d Lieut Company I resigned April 22d, 1862

John Cochrane, 2d Lieut Company G resigned April 22d, 1862

Daniel Frazier, 2d Lieut Company D resigned July 12th, 1862

William Ocker, 2d Lieut Company A resigned November 26th, 1862



David A Leckey, from Major to Lieutenant Colonel, July 12th, 1862

Matthew M Dawson, Cap Co B – Promoted to Major July 12th, 1862

Samuel G Leasure, 2d Lieut Co K – promoted to Quarter Master, Feb 1st, 1862

William C Shurlock, Civil Life – Appointed Assistant Surg’n. July 15th, 1862

Abraham Maas, Civil Life – Appointed Assistant Surg’t. Sept 12th, 1862

Walter C Oliver, 1st Lieut Co B – promoted to captain, July 12th, 1862

Joeph H Penticost, 1st Lieutenant company A – promoted to captain, September 8th, 1862

Joseph H Gilliland, 1st Lieut company K promoted to captain, Oct 1st, 1862

Thomas H Curt, 1st Lieut company G promoted to captain, Oct 1st, 1862

James W Montford, Serg’t company A – promoted to 1st Lieutenant, Sept. 8th, 1862

Samuel J. Book, 2d Lieut company E – promoted to 1st Lieut Feb 16, 1862

William Hammond, 2d Lieut company B – promoted to 1st Lieut July 12th, 1862

David Patton, 2d Lieut company F – promoted to 1st Lieut Sept 1st, 1862

Richard P Craven, Color Bearer, company K – promoted to 1st Lieutenant, October 1st 1862

David Critchlow, 2d Lieutenant company C – promoted to 1st Lieutenant, October 5th, 1862

Norman Maxwell, Serg’t. company E – promoted to 2d Lieut Feb 16th, 1862

Samuel J Morrow, Serg’t company I – promoted to 2d Lieut April 9th, 1862

William G Ashton, Serg’t company I – promoted to 2d Lieut July 1st, 1862

Alvin M Reed, Serg’t company D – promoted to 2d Lieut July 16th, 1862

David Patton Serg’t company F – promoted to 2d Lieut May 6th, 1862

John I Stanger Quarter Master Serg’t – promoted to 2d Lieutenant, Jan 20th, 1862

Philo P Rayne serg’t company G – promoted to 2d Lieut July 1st, 1862

Leander C Morrow, Serg’t company H – promoted to 2d Lieut July 8th 1862

Edward J R Spence Serg’t company K promoted to 2d Lieut July 9th 1862

John H Anderson Serg’t company B promoted to 2d Lieut July 12th 1862

Robertt Adler Serg’t company F – promoted to 2d Lieut Sept 1st 1862

Samuel L Montgomery, Serg’t company K – promoted to 2d Lieut Oct 1 1862

John F Grace Corp’l company G – promoted to 2d Lieut Oct 26 1862

Robert Weller Serg’t company C – promoted to 2d Lieut Oct 6th 1862

Edwin W Bausman Serg’t company A – promoted to 2d Lieut Nov 27th 1862


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