Page 1:  Newspaper listing of pre-war roster of Company A, Lawrence Guards, commanded by Captain Daniel Leasure of Lawrence County.

Page 6:  Newspaper listing of pre-war roster of Company E, Captain Bentley's Company, commanded by Captain Samuel Bentley of Lawrence County; Death Announcement of George Painter who was killed in a train accident; Death Announcement of John B. Nicklin, Jr.; Announcement of the issueing of the regimental newspaper "Camp Kettle"; Col. Leasure's Orders No. 9 issued Sept. 1861; Attestment of Recruiting; Roster of Capt. Cline's Company (F); Announcement of additional companies from the Lawrence Zouaves and Col. Leasure's regiment leaving for the Army

(author's note:  2nd Sgt. Norman J. Maxwell of Bentley's Company rose to command the regiment late in the war)


Lawrence Guards – Company A

Capt. D. Leasure

1st Lieut. J. J. Cook

2d Lieut. John S. King


John D. Wickline

Henry Applegate

Frank Allen

James Book

W Perry Book

Jas G Bowden

R S Breckenridge

J H Christy

R G Christy

W D Clark

Milton Clow

James B Clow

Wm M Cook

R P Craven

Wm F Donaldson

James M Emery

John Campbell Euwer

J Alvin Euwer

J J Everhart

H A Ferguson

John Fullerton

H M Gaily

D J Gilfillan

Henry Hazen

A L Hazen

James Henderson

Peter Hemminger

Noble Holton

John E Houston

W W Houk

Jefferson Justice

John Jay

N W King

W P King

S George Leasure

Wm A Mayne

D M C Miller

Joseph H Gilliland

Samuel W Mitchell

Adam Moore

L C Morrow

J M M’Millen

J Ferris M’Millen

J E M’Killip

John C M’Creary

Jas M Curry

James Quigley

H G Rhodes

Alex M Randolph

Cyrus H Rea

J B Reinholdt

Robt Johnston Ross

Jas A Ray

Oliver P Ramsey

John J Shoemaker

Charles C Sankey

Joseph D Sankey

Ira Sankey

O O Sutherland

E J R Spence

Crawford W Stewart

W E Stephenson

W E Sharp

J J Sharp

W J Shields

Harvey Tidball

Chas Vanwinkle

J S Vangorder

Joseph L Miller

C P Watson

John O Wallace

W H Watson

John O Wallace

W H Watson

Chester L White

Charles Wilson

Jona Wilkinson

George B Woodward

J B Nicklin, Drummer




Captain – Samuel Bentley

1st Lieut. A. Nelson

2d do Sam. Book

1st Sergeant – James Offut

2d do Norman Maxwell

3d do John D Vogan

4th do James D. McCune

5th do John W. Bentley

1st Corporal – Harlan Book

2d do Samuel Moore

3d do Wm. Harlan

4th do John W. Harvey

5th do I G Glen

6th do Nathan Offut

7th do Wm. McLaughlin

8th do John A. Book.

Commissary J. Bentley

Musicians – J. C. Dean, D. H. Stevenson

Wagoner – Martin Robison



Alex. Armstrong

I. R. Ault

John s. Barber

David Book

J. J. Book

J. C. Book

Thomson Burton

John P. Breast

Henry Boozel

Washington Brown

Thomas Beals

David Breckinridge

Thomas C. Boyles

W. E. Campbell

John Covert

Wm. Carlon

Thomas Cross

John S. Dick

Hugh Dillinger

Martin Ewing

Wm. Ewing

Cyrus B. Elliott

Jacob Fox

Munson Forest

Samuel George

Robert N. Glenn

Aaron Glenn

Stewart Gill

Wm. Guist

Stewart Hunt

Joseph W. Henan

Josiah M. Henan

Robert J. Hindman

George Hinds

Thomas Hanna

Alexander Hanna

James Johnson

R. R. Jamison

Wm. Kerr

James Lock

David Lock

John Lock

Wm. Lock

John Lowden

George Montgomery

J. W. Morrison

George Maxwell

Joseph McCreary

J. T. M’Caslin

R. M’Combs

Riddle Miles

John M’Nees

John M’Gee

Thomas Nelson

James Parker

Robert Russel

R. W. Rogers

Wm. H. Rogers

John W. Reed

Agustus Reed

Henry Rihel

Henry Ralster

Jasper B. Smith

Jesse B. Shaner

James C. Stevenson

C. B. Smith

N. J. Shaw

Marquis Shaw

David Studabecker

Henry Wimer

Houston Walker

J. C. Weakly

Harvey Weakly

Joseph Wotly

Henry Wood

John A. Watson

Wm. B. Wilson

David Emery

Richard Cartwright

Bad Accident.

A gloom was cast over the citizens of New Castle, on Saturday evening last, on learning of the death o Mr. George Painter, a member of the Weyman Greys, of New Castle. – He went to Pittsburg on the Thursday previous with his company to escort the Lawrence Guards, companies H and F, home, and when on his way home, near Baden, he was standing on the platform of the Rail Road cars, when under full headway, admiring the surrounding country, holding to the break wheel; observing the brakeman upon the opposite platform kick the catch, he undertook to do the same, when the wheel revolved with such rapidity as to throw him some distance from the cars causing instant death. His remains were brought by the Guards, to New Castle, on Saturday night, and on Sunday they were committed to the tomb escorted by our different military companies, and an unusual concourse of citizens. The deceased was about thirty two years of age – leaves a wife and one child – was an official member of the Methodist Episcopal church in this place, and was much esteemed by all who knew him. He was a good man.


John B. Nicklin, Jr.

 We are pained to state that our young friend and apprentice who volunteered in April last, to defend his country, in the United States Army, and whose time had just expired met with a severe assault on Wednesday night last in New Brighton, while on his way home, form a man named Lloyd of Fallston. It appears that there had been some difficulty at a drinking saloon, near the boat landing, about the time Nicklin came there when he was assaulted by Lloyd as one of the New Castle boys, who dealt a murderous blow upon the back part of his head, with a billet of wood, which injured the skull and felled him to the floor. His wound was dressed by Dr. Leasure, his Captain, who rendered him all the medical assistance in his power; but, he remained insensible of his situation until Thursday morning. He was brought to New Castle on the boat with his military companions, was taken from it to the Washington House, where his brother and sister were stopping awaiting his arrival, and in the evening he was removed to the residence of Dr. Leasure, who desired to have him under his immediate charge. His symptoms on Friday morning were more favorable for his recovery, and it is to be hoped he may survive. Every body here know that John Nicklin is a clever, inoffensive young man, vivacious in his manner and was much esteemed by his companions in arms, who certainly would have lynched Lloyd had he not made his escape.

 We are authorized to return thanks to the citizens and military, for their kind attentions to make our young friend comfortable in his critical situation.


Camp Kettle.

 This is the title of a little sheet, published every opportunity, by the Field and Staff officers of the Roundhead Regiment, Col. LEASURE, Commanding. We have received the first number. The Kettle is published as often as the exigencies of the service will permit, and is designed to be the vehicle through which much valuable information will be conveyed to the soldiers on all subjects, relative to camp life, from mounting guard to cleaning a musket. Of course, the Kettle is very small – not larger than two leaves of the spelling book; but the first No. contains a good tin cup full of important information for each soldier of the regiment. The articles are carefully written, so as to convey the most information in the fewest words, and we have no doubt the whole regiment will thank Col. Leasure for paying so much attention to their want.

 We learn from its columns that the Regiment is fully armed, equipped and clothed, “except coats, pantaloons and overcoats.” Rather an important exception; but it is said they will have all these in a few days. The health of the men is generally good, and the character of the Regiment for the sobriety and good morals is becoming a subject of remark. There has been no case of discipline or drunkenness, since Regiment left home, no soldier in the Guard house, and the officers and men keep up the observances of the religion of their fathers in the camp, as they did at home. We hope the Kettle may always sing as pleasant a tune. The Chaplin, Rev. Browne is with them, and preaches twice on Sabbath and conducts a prayer meeting in the evenings which nearly all the officers and men are generally present.

 The following “orders” will show how the boys spend their time.




Orders No. 9

Reveille at sunrise. Company roll call – breakfast – Put the company quarters in good order. Squad drill till 9 o’clock. Company drill from ten till twelve. Roll call.  Dinner. Squad and company drill from two o’clock P. M., till half past three. Regimental drill from half past four till six to conclude with dress parade. Roll call. Supper. Roll call at half past eight. Tattoo at ten when all lights except in officer’s head quarters must be put out, and all the men not on guard must retire to bed. Guards will be detailed by the First Sergeants at the morning roll call, for duty at ten o’clock, the hour for guard mounting. – The Surgeon’s call will be beaten at eight in the morning, when all the sick must be mustered to the hospital by the first Sergeant for medical attendance. Commandants of companies will see that these orders are strictly carried out.

By order of

Daniel Leasure, Col. Commanding.




D. Tidball, A. Rose, and White M’Millen, Esqrs., have been authorized to receive recruits for any of the companies in Leasure’s Regiment. They will receive recruits, and keep them free of expense until they reach Washington. D. Tidball, Esq., will go to Pittsburgh one week from next Monday, with all who enlist, where they will be taken charge of by Lieut. Col. Ekin, who will forward them to Washington.


The Rolls.

 We have exerted ourselves to procure a copy of the muster rolls of the military companies that have left this place; but find it a difficult task just at present. We have the promise of all of them and they will be forthcoming as soon as the companies are full. We have received this week, the following two, which we publish and will give the others as soon as we get them.

 Capt. Kline’s Company.

 Captain – Jas. H. Cline


1st Lieu. D. S. McCreary

2d do Jas L Banks

1st Sergeant W J Randolph

2d do Robert Alder

3d do Wm Edmondson

4th do John Thompson

5th do David Patton

1st Corporal -  R M Gaston

2d do Robert Moffat

3d do ___________

4th do John Graham

5th do Samuel Stunkard

6th do R A Forbes

7th do Howard M McMillen

8th do Joseph Means.

Musicians – S. G. Alford, David Barnet.



Wm. Allison.

W. J. Akin.

Thos. Arrow

Sydney P. Beighley.

Jas. Boyles.

Joseph Budd.

Jas. Carr.

Matthias Crowl.

George Cluse.

Moses Crow.

Thomas Chambers.

John Dodds.

R. S. Drake.

Robert Duke.

David D. Dunkle.

John Elder.

Henry Fieldgrove.

Lewis A. Fisher.

Solomon W. Fisher.

Jas. H. Forbes.

David Fox.

John Fox.

John Gates.

R. J. Graham.

Joseph C. Gormley.

David I. Gilfillan.

Daniel Harpst.

James Houk.

Wm B. Irwin.

John C. Irwin.

Charles A. Johnston.

Henry Kennedy.

Jas. L. Kennedy.

John M. Kennedy.

Wm. D. Lockhart.

Thos. McConaghy.

Nathaniel McConaghy.

Thos. W. McCreary.

Samuel C. McCreary.

James McCreary.

Marinus K. McDowel.

Wm. B. McKnight.

John S. McMaster.

John McKee.

John Malarkay.

George Morrow.

John J. Munnel.

Joseph Nelson.

Wm. T. Painter.

Jas. S. Patterson.

Thos. C. Randolph.

Howard Rea.

Wm. M. Reynolds.

Robert C. Reynolds.

J. C. Sampson.

Conrad Shaffer.

Jacob Shaffer.

Jas. W. Smart.

Samuel C. Stickle.

John Smith.

Jas. Smith.

Uriah Thompson.

Isaac Wagoner.

Wm. S. Wagoner.

Calvin B. Welsh.

Samuel L. Withero.

Jas. R. Young.


More Men Gone.

On Monday evening last, some fifty  more men left on the packet, for the army. Some of these were for the Lawrence Zouaves, Capt. Campbell, in Col. Power’s Regiment, and the others for three different companies in Leasure’s Regiment.

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