Pvt. Joseph B. Chambers, Co. F, Medal of Honor Winner (See Medal of Honor Winner Page)






Capt. James H. Cline, Co. F

Photo courtesy of www.janson.com






Richard D. Holmes, Regimental Quartermaster

Photo courtesy of www.janson.com






Lt. Richard Craven, Co. K

Photo courtesy of http://www.janson.com






Joseph W. Hennon, Co. E in pre-war (1860) militia uniform (gray)

Photo courtesy of http://www.janson.com






Josiah. Hennon, Co. E

Photo courtesy of http://www.janson.com








Unidentified Roundhead (please help identify)








Post-war Image of Sgt. George Maxwell, Co. E

--David L. Welch Collection







Capt. Anson B. Campbell, Co. M, from Historic Pittsburg, Digital Archives, Monongahela Soldiers of the Century, Sept. 6-13, 1908






William A. Gabby-Co.A

Photo courtesy of http://www.janson.com







Isaiah Trump, Co. D; photo courtesy of Dickie Harris







Corp. William Claffey, Co. A (from Claffey Homepage, Carol Mounts)








Pvt. George Kelso, Co.G (contributed by descendants Rick and Janice Howenstine)









Pvt. George W. Smith Co. A (contributed by descendant David Smith)









Sgt. Joseph K. Scott, Co. K (contributed by descendant Skip Wiese-See "Artifacts" page for more on Sgt. Scott)









John Davis France (l), Co. A in front of his Hotel in West Middletown, PA, photo by son Frank France, circa 1910







John Davis France and Wife Clarrinda Wherry France in fronto of their hotel, France Hotel, circa 1910,  Meadowcroft Museum of Rural Life, Avella, PA


Corp. Ewing Hosack, Co. H from www.civilwardata,com
























Photogallery of the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, "The Roundheads"

All of the following images (except the soldier in the yellow frame used as a divider between sections) utilize an auto thumbnail feature.  Simply click on the thumbnail to expand the image to full size! 

Websmith Note:  Background CDV watermark is in honor of Lt. Col. Joseph Pentecost, commander of Roundheads and mortally wounded at Fort Stedman, March 25, 1865 during Gen John B. Gordon's initial early morning Confederate assault.

 1861 Images of Pvt. James A. Lostetter, Co. B in early war grey uniforms, Michael Kraus Collection

 1862 image of Pvt. Patrick Creegan, Co. M taken in Beaufort, SC.  Image from Karen Creegan Cooper Family Collection

Memorial Re-dedication Ceremony images from 1891, from Knoxville, TN National Cemetery (photographs courtesy of Michael Kraus collection, used with permission) showing memorial of Pvts. Isaac R.W. Garretson and Aaron Templeton of Co. A, who died during the final battle of the Siege on Knoxville, the Battle at Fort Sanders, November 29, 1863.  Additional photographs and links pertaining to this battle in which Co. A of the Roundheads were in action are provided for reference and interest including a newspaper article by Dr. Silas Stevenson, Co. K published in the New Castle News, August 24, 1915.

 Massachusetts MOLLUS Collection Images of 100th Pennsylvania Roundhead Officers from US Army Heritage and Education Center Website

Tintype of Private William D. Boyd, Company D, contributed by descendant Edward Smith, Used with Permission, All rights Reserved

Miscellaneous photos of  Pvt. Isaac Cline Co. K , brother James Cline, of 5th PA Heavy Artillery, Co. L, and James Cline's wife Martha contributed by Janet (Cline) Sasaki, descendant of James Cline, Used with Permission, All rights Reserved

Family Portrait of Samuel Melvin, Co. A at their home near Hanlin Station, PA circa 1899, Brad Family Collection, Used with Permission, All rights Reserved

Three CDVs of 100th PA officers Lt. Col. Pentecost, Major Hamilton and Captain Cornelius, contributed by David Cress, Used with Permission, All rights reserved.

Wartime CDV images and Post-War Image of Moses Bell, Co. A, Images used with permission, Michael Kraus Collection 

Image collection of Historian/Accomplished Sculptor and Civil War Re-enactor Michael Kraus.  Photograph Copies of Individual Soldiers Available to Descendants Upon Request. 

U.S. Army Military History Institute's List of 170 different War-Time and Post-Wartime Photographs of Soldiers from the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteers, "Roundheads" available for Purchase (some require permission from owner).

The following images in table format come from Col. Norman J. Maxwell's photo album which has survived the test of time (though a bit distressed) and is part of the Bruce Glenn Collection, a family cousin.

Col. Norman J. Maxwell, last Commander of the 100th PVI "Roundheads

Portrait of Co. Daniel Leasure, 1st Commander of the 100th PVI and Accomplished 9th Corps Brigade Commander

CDV of Jefferson Justice, Quartermaster, 100th PVI


CDV of Horace Ludington, Surgeon, 100th PVI

CDV of Henry M. Dougan, Co. A, Adjutant, 100th PVI

CDV of Capt. William F. Templeton, Co. A, 100th PVI, Killed at Second Battle of Bull Run

CDV of 2nd Lt. John W. Morrison, Co. E, 100th PVI

CDV of Capt. Robert F. Moffatt, Co. F, 100th PVI

CDV Portrait of Corp. Charles B. Smith, Co. E, 100th PVI

CDV Portrait of Capt. John L. Johnson, Co. D, 100th PVI

CDV Portrait of 1st Lt. Robert Adler, Co. F, 100th PVI

Portrait of Sgt. Samuel L. Moore (Corp. at time of image), Co. C, 100th PVI

CDVs of 1st Lt. James Offutt, Co. E, 100th PVI

CDV of Capt. Robert J. Ross, Co. H, 100th PVI

CDV of Capt. James W. Bard, Co. A, 100th PVI

Tintype of Pvt. John N. Moore, Co. C, 100th PVI

Portrait of Capt. David P. Book, Co. E, 100th PVI

Portrait of Unidentified Roundhead, 100th PVI

Portrait of 1st Sgt. Joseph A. Craig, Co. C, 100th PVI

Portrait of Lt. D.J. Gilfillan, Co. F, 100th PVI


Wartime CDV Images of Corporal James C. Weakley, Co. E, submitted by descendant Martin Anderson

Wartime Images of Isaac Newton Dean, Co. K and John C. Dean, Co. E, submitted by descendant Chuck Dean, Copyright Michael Kraus Collection, used by permission.

Post-war Image of Alexander Mills McKee, Company G submitted by descendant Donna Miller

eBay Images:  Images of Roundheads that have sold on eBay over the last several years.

Portraits of Pvt. Joseph Chambers, Co. F Medal of Honor Awardee, and Pvt. Jacob Fox, Co. E, along with brief historical description of the Roundheads and Lawrence Co. Roll of Honor (including 100th Pennsylvania) from Michael S. Waddington's Lawrence County Historical Society website


1983 Newspaper Photograph (Photograph Date early 1900s?) of Co. C Twins, Pvts John Tyler Murray and James Thomas Murray from Titusville Herald Article, Contribution by John L. Murray and his Son Stephan J. Murray, Descendants of John Tyler Murray


January 1862 Photograph of HQ Mess, during the Roundheads stay in Beaufort, S.C., Photocopy courtesy of Joseph Leasure, lateral descendant of Col. Daniel Leasure, and the USAMHI, Carlisle Barracks, PA


CDV of Corporal Andrew Lary, Company C, Contributed by Clint Lary, Descendant of Corporal Lary. Corporal Lary was a close friend of Corporal Frederick Pettit, whose letters were published by William G. Gavin under the title, "Infantryman Pettit:  The Civil War letters of Corporal Frederick Pettit"


Fort Stedman, "Then and Now", a webpage dedicated to the Roundheads involvement at this March 25, 1865 battle which all but sealed the fate of the Confederacy, with photographs and commentary by Christopher L. Kolakowski, Historian and National Battlefield Park Ranger.


Post-war CDV of Pvt. James W. Gormley, Company K.  Also see December 28, 1862 transcribed letter from Pvt. Gormley to his Father.  CDV and letter transcription contributed by Mr. Clark Gonzalez, descendant of Pvt. James W. Gormley


Civil War Image of Sgt. Hiram McKee Gill (then Pvt. Gill?), Company C.  Photograph contributed by Barbara Loane, descendant of Sgt. Gill.  Sgt. Hiram Gill's Image is also found in Infantryman Pettit:  The Civil War Letters of Corporal Frederick Pettit" edited by William G. Gavin

Photogallery of a portion of Lt. James C. Stevenson, Co. E's photo album from the Civil War graciously contributed by descendant Mimi Fittipaldi

Images of Capt.James Little McFeeters, Company M and his brother-in-law Lt. Joseph M. Allen, Company M, who was promoted to Captain later in the war and succeeded his brother-in-law as Commander of Company M. Images contributed by descendant Nancy Korb.

Image of Pvt. Harrison Sampson, Co. D, contributed by descendant Robbie K.

Photogallery of Images (not from individual collections, I think) from William G. Gavin's History of the Roundheads.

Post-war Photograph of Conrad Shaffer, Company F; Contributed by Step Descendant, Darlene Stone


Camp Copeland, PA near Pittsburgh; Only known photograph of important Civil War training ground for PA regiments taken by Sgt Walter Collins, 100th PA, Company M Drill Instructor in 1864.

Miscellaneous Images provided by 100th PA descendants or Otherwise Noted





Thaddeus S. Haus, Co. H,  died of wounds on October 4, 1864 from wounds received in action October 2, 1864 at Poplar Grove Church, VA, image provided by Rebecca Mueller Calvachire

Capt. Samuel Bentley, initial Capt of Co. E;  (photo courtesy of Greg Speciale, www.findagrave.com




Corp. Andrew Leary (Lary) Co. C; image provided by Clint Lary, descendant

Corp. Alexander Heasley, Co. B became Captain of 33 US Colored Troops, initially Corporal in Co. B; Photo by Bev from www.findagrave.com


Parkhurst Shurlock, Co. D; ancestor of Judy Eichstedt and Kate Walters; image courtesy of Michael Kraus Collection

John Wesley Bentley, Co. E, ancestor of Kimberly Ahmann Reading; image from “Campaigning with the Roundheads" written by the late William G. Gavin, 1989, Morningside Books


Corp.  John A. Magee Co. E in 1861 and 1926; Photo Courtesy of descendant,   Sandra Bake

Corp. John T. Cooper, Co. K on right with unidentified Roundhead on his left, likely from Co. K also; image provided by Carl Clink, great great grandson of Cooper.

Corp. John T. Cooper, Co. K, post-war image wearing slouch hat; image provided by Carl Clink, great great grandson of Cooper.

Unidentified Pard of Corp. John T. Cooper, Co. K (looks to be the same soldier in image to the left); image provided by Carl Clink, great great grandson of Cooper

Corp. Thomas F. McConahy, Co. F; image provided by Kate Eakman, great great granddaughter of McConahy and professional genealogist at History and Heritage, LLC (RECOMMENDED BY THE WEBSMITH)

Pvt Samuel A. Moore, Post-war Image; courtesy of Steve Moore, descendant

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