Biographical Profile: Corp. George S. Veon, Company D, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 100th Regiment

Transcribed by Tami McConahy, 2nd great-grandniece of Corp. Thomas John Martin, Co. F. from "History of Beaver County, 1888.

History of Beaver County, 1888

Page 729

Henry Veon (deceased) was born June 13, 1794. His father was a German soldier who had, during the revolution, been forced into the service of the English cause by his native ruler, and who, after being captured in the battle of Trenton, espoused the cause of the Americans, which he knew to be the cause of liberty and justice. After the war he removed to Beaver county, where his son was born. Henry, being poor, learned the trade of blacksmithing, and continued at it until 1820, when he married, purchased a farm, and moved thereon, where he lived until dec. 27, 1882. His eldest son, John, a farmer, of Darlington, was born in 1821 to Beaver county, being one of thirteen children, born to hsi mother, Barbara Douthitt. He was married to Eliza Jane Christy, by whom he had thirteen children, seven of whom are living. They are Walter Scott, Mary Jane, Alice Matilda, James Henry, John Franklin, Jesse Fremont and Albert Logan. Mr. Veon has held several township offices, and is a Republican in politics. The youngest son, George S. Veon, was born in 1838, on the farm which he now resides on and owns. He was married in 1864 to Ella, daughter of Jacob and Ellenora Court and Charles Edward. In 1861 Mr. Veon enlisted in Company D, 100th Regiment P.V., known as the "Roundhead" regiment, and was in active service two years, from which he received an honorable discharge. He has been school director; is a member of the G.A.R., and of the Presbyterian church. He is a Republican.

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